My New Newsletter = Coupons

After seeing the excitement my coupons had last weekend, I decided to make this an official thing. I was so happy to see people trying my books who hadn’t before. Coupons are such wonderful things. Besides, money is tight for many people now and I definitely understand that!

So, if you sign up for my newsletter then you’ll receive, within 24 hours, a newsletter with coupons for 20% all of my titles over $.99 at Smashwords. That is the majority of The Kategan Alphas series and The Bellum Sisters Trilogy!

If this is something you’re interested in then just follow this link and sign up!

Thanks everyone and have a great week!

T. A. Grey

Meet the characters from The Bellum Sisters Trilogy

Firstly readers, this post goes out to Kira Cortz at The Book Lover’s Realm because she first sent me all of these pictures after reading Chains of Frost. She liked it so much that she had to find some pictures with look-alike characters on them. I hope you like and remember this is purely for fun!

Chloe Bellum

Chloe Bellum from Chains of Frost

Tyrian en Kulev

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters


Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters


Willow Bellum (featuring in Bonds of Fire)

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Alpha Lyonis Keelan

Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters


Chains of Frost The Bellum Sisters

Lily Bellum (featuring in Ties That Bind)

Telal Demuzi and Lily Bellum (Ties That Bind)

I hope you all like! I thought Kira did an amazing job at finding people with a likeness to the characters. Some are just down right hot! Enjoy everyone, I have to get back to writing. 😉

-T. A. Grey-

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