Monday Buns Day #10 – Sexy and I know it!

Whoa, guess what I have in store for you this Monday morning. What was that? Did you say a butt? How dare you speak that kind of filthy language here on this blog. It is called an ass. If you answered derriere, then I must ask what century your living in. While I agree the word is pleasant and has a lovely ring to it, derriere has no business in regards to this hunk of man meat below. (I know, that sounds so sexist. Sorry men! You’re more than meat!)

hot man butt pictures

This guys face says it all. I’m sexy and I know it.

Now queue the music!

Happy Monday everyone!  🙂 I hope this made you smile.

Happy Wicked Reading,

T. A. Grey

Monday Bums Day #3

Hello ladies!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and if you did any shopping, then I hope you got some great deals!  Well now we’re back to Monday, back to work, and back to our normal lives. Hopefully you at least still have a slice or two of your favorite pies left over to munch on when you get the craving. My personal delight right now is the homemade Pecan Pie I made. Seriously delicious!

Now, back to good looking butts. I believe a good looking butt comes in many different shapes and forms. Not all of them are perfectly rounded, hardened with muscle or any of that, and that’s fine by me. A butt is a butt and all that really matters about it is that you can cup a handful when you need to.

So I give to you a butt you could really get your hands on.

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Happy Monday!

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