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Hey, y’all! Just wanted to toss a sale’s update your way. I am offering The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1 for FREE until October 25th, so go get your copy now! It’s available almost everywhere online. Tell your friends, tell your moms, tell your friends’ friends, and your mom’s moms! Then sit down and get cozy ’cause things are about to get fuuun.

If you don’t like DIRTY books, then stay away, because book one, MATING CYCLE, is HOT AS F@*K! That’s all. Here is a taste.


~Read on for a DIRTY sneak peek at Mating Cycle, book 1, in The Kategan Alphas series. Now FREE!~

Vane nearly exploded in his jeans like a teenage boy. The sight before him had him staring like a dumbfounded idiot.

The woman inside the cabin was small, curvy, and perfect. She lay sprawled on a large sofa, rubbing her little pussy with fast fingers while watching a man and woman fucking on the television.

The sight had him fighting a groan. Never in all his years had a sight taken him with such force, such lust. It was like being hit in the cock with pure sex. He watched, slack jawed, as she worked her little fingers between her legs and rubbed her little pearl. Her pussy was pink, open, and so soft looking. He licked his lips. He’d bet it tasted even better than it looked. It was all he could do not to break through the window and take her. She needed a cock. His cock.

His balls pulled up hard and tight. Sweat beaded his brow, and his cock was a constant pulsing weight in his jeans. Unconsciously, he began rubbing his crotch against the cabin. The delicious pressure had cum leaking from his cock.

Forcing himself to watch the sight of the female touching herself wasn’t hard. Vaguely he heard the voices of the actors, a woman climaxing and a man grunting. He looked away from the sexy female long enough to see the man jacking off at the blonde’s tan ass. That sight did nothing for him. Which surprised him, but then again, his real interest rested with a passionate lykaen who was desperately rubbing her wet pussy towards a climactic build up.

He watched her fingers work faster, as she panted harder and quicker, so determined to find her pleasure. He couldn’t stand it and, in a second, tore open his zipper, and was tugging on his own hard dick. He clamped his mouth shut to keep from making a sound. Damn but it was hard. He almost laughed at his own pun.

From the corner of his eye, he watched the male actor hunch over the woman and squeeze his balls. The female lykaen appeared to really like this as her hips undulated in a frantic rhythm at the sight.

Vane could smell her orgasm coming. It made his own semen leak out of his cock. He pumped faster, uncaring that he was jerking off in the middle of nowhere, outside a strange female’s house. His movements became just as quick and fierce as the actors did, except his attention was all on her. The actor on TV came in a long, guttural shout, and the lykaen’s breath froze.

Vane watched, fascinated, captivated, as her hips stopped in mid-motion, and she started coming. It was like watching a volcano erupt. She bucked hard and shouted, the sound making him stroke his own cock in hard, jerky movements. He ached to feel her pussy quivering around his cock. She came for endless moments, and he came with her. He came so hard that he bit down on his lip to keep from making a sound. His cock throbbed, a burning heat in his fist as streams of hot semen shot against the log cabin.

He quickly flattened himself against the wall. He couldn’t breathe worth a damn, but with restraint, he kept quiet as he put his softening cock back into his jeans. He took a moment and rested against the cool wood.

Holy shit.




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Free ebook: Chains of Frost – Book 1 – The Bellum Sisters Paranormal Romance

Erotically charged. Sensuously delightful. Hilarious and fun. Laugh-out-loud, page-turning adventure. These are just some of the descriptions reader experience while devouring Chains of Frost, one of my most fun romantic adventures.

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This book is something different than your average paranormal flair. What with three magical succubus sisters who are on the verge of their 29th birthday in which they will no longer require food to survive…but sensual touch. Top that incoming doomsday ordeal with the fact that each of the three unique sisters haves been decreed into the protection–a lawful guardianship–of the three most infamous men in the world: the vampire commander, Tyrian en Kulev; the Alpha of the Shapeshifters, Lyonis Keelan; and the demon warlord, Telal Demuzi.

Tough, sexy, and hilarious, you don’t want to miss out on this erotic freebie. Have some fun this weekend, and check out, CHAINS OF FROST!



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Today is the All Hallow’s Eve Indie Blog Tour where I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined with Snarky Mom Reads to give you free books for Halloween! You can enter to win Snarky Mom and I’s giveaway where we’re giving out 5 copies of The Bellum Sister Book Bundle which has 4 novels in it!). These books are PERFECT for the Halloween season featuring witches, succubi, shapeshfiters, vampires, and demons! Plus, there’s a grand prize prize to win an 8.9″ HD Kindle Fire & 100 books and MORE! Come check it out and enter to win! Get into the spirit of Halloween and stop on by Snarky Mom’s Blog!

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