A Dirty Peek at The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1; Now Free for a Limited Time

Excerpt from Mating Cycle, book 1 in The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1. Warning: if you do not like hot sex in your books, do not pick up this bundle.


Vane could barely restrain himself from jumping through that window. All that creamy skin couldn’t possibly be as soft as it looked-but he wanted to find out. Her breasts were another matter; she had no idea, but as she tried to hide her large breasts, they only plunged over her slender arm instead. The sight had his cock standing hard and straight in his pants. The hard orgasm he’d just had wasn’t helping him a bit.

With the window open, he could smell her unique scent better. That unique scent that was female and lykaen was all Sarina and the heat from her mating need. It was like hot vanilla—sweet and sexy. The mating cycle was a powerful force for lykaen females. It could lure any unmated male to take her. But he planned to be the only man thrusting between those perfect thighs. Ever. His body answered her call with a readiness that pulled his balls up tight and made his cock drip with anticipation.

This book officially goes on sale Thursday Oct. 10th at B&N, Amazon, Smashwords, and Google Play and ends on Oct. 25th. This bundle has three completed novels in my awesome Kategan Alphas series. You won’t want to miss it! And if you don’t like dirty books, then stay away! However, these books are chock-full of true romance, real love, and tons of action. They really are fun!


B&N: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-kategan-alphas-volume-1-t-a-grey/1125363593?ean=2940016534824

Google Playhttps://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=TSoPCgAAQBAJ




NOTE: If PRICE HASN’T CHANGED to FREE, CHECK BACK ON Oct. 10th or drop me a line through Facebook!

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