Wicked Surrender: FREE in the Kategan Alphas Bundle NOW!

Warning: here is a sexy excerpt from Wicked Surrender: where human Jacks couples (teehee) with lykaen Vera Kategan. ❤ Be still my heart, y’all!


Jackson Marsh and Vera Kategan from Book 3 in The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1 Bundle (FREE!)

Cool air on her ass brought her mind swerving hard back to reality. He’d managed to unbutton her pants and shove them down to her thighs, and she hadn’t even realized it. Now he groaned deep in his throat as he cupped, squeezed, and massaged the rounded globes of her ass.

“Ahh, baby. You’re fucking perfect.”

The first skin-to-skin contact was too much. She moaned high in her throat and panted as her mind tried to process all the sensations at once. He took advantage of her situation and dove down to clasp onto her hard nipple through her shirt. His clever lips tugged and pulled on her, creating an answering lick of heat between her legs.

It was too good. Way too good.

His fingers curled around the bottom of her cheeks and teased the wet cream of her through her panties.

“Jacks,” she pleaded.

“I know, baby, I know. I’ll take care of it.”

Those words sent her common sense slamming back into her. Control. She couldn’t lose control.

Growling with the beast in her throat, she grabbed him by the hair and yanked him back from her breast. When he looked up at her with startled passion on his face, she kicked out one of his legs and fell with him as they tumbled to the ground.

She didn’t waste any time, but climbed over him, resting her aching core over the hard length of his cock. They both groaned and fought for each other like wild animals. If she wasn’t absolutely certain, she’d bet he was a lykaen. No human had passion like this, could make her beast whimper for him.




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Another hot look at The Kategan Alphas Vol.1 Available for Free Now!


Roman Kategan from Dark Awakening, ladies

A sexy excerpt to give you a taste of book 2 in the Kategan Alphas Vol. 2 bundle which is on sale from Oct. 10th-25th for FREE. So what are you waiting for?? Pick up your copy today! Ladies, DARK AWAKENING (Book 2) in this bundle is so freaking good, I can’t even describe it.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Alison flew to it and flung it open. John’s jaw dropped at seeing her flush, naked body. Her chest was heaving, legs spread, and the scent of her sex filled the air like smoke. He closed his jaw and she looked down his body to see his erection pushing through his khaki pants. A part of her pulled back a little and told her no, but the animal inside her, the lykaen, told her to rip off his pants and sit on his cock. She couldn’t help it, the animal was out of the cage—and she leaped at him with a growl.

He caught her around the waist as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. He groaned as her mouth found his. His lips were thinner, his body not as strong, not as tall, didn’t smell as good or feel right, but she didn’t care. She was going to have him.

He stumbled back with her until the porch railing stopped him. Her tongue was in his mouth and her hands scratching over his back. She pulled back to tell him to pull out his cock, but she was interrupted. Well, interrupted was a tame word for what happened.

She was wrenched away by a strong grip, and in the next blink, she saw Rome slamming his fist into John’s face.

“No! Stop it!” she yelled and pushed Rome away. He didn’t look at her, just panted, and stared down at John who was having trouble keeping his eyes open. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“He was touching you.” He jerked her up against his body and his pupils darkened, dilated as he looked at her. Then he took a deep shuddering breath. “You’re breeding.” He growled and her body wept at the sound.

“Y-yes,” she whispered. Suddenly she felt like a deer caught in headlights. She was utterly captivated by him. His scent, his body, his voice, all of them pulled her toward him as if they were two polarized magnets, irresistibly drawn together.

“Tell him he’s leaving and not to come back here again.” His hands grabbed her naked hips and brought her flush against his body. She moaned at the feel of all his hard strength and whimpered at the unmistakable hardness of his cock.

Somehow, she tore her gaze away to see John coming to a stand, his legs unsteady. “I’m so sorry, John. Please go.” He looked at her, his lips in a flat line, then looked at Rome with a wounded expression before turning to leave. Alison wanted to cry out to him. She felt so awful for everything, but she couldn’t, because Rome picked her up and was taking her into the house. Oh, my God, she thought, her mind buzzing.

I’m going to have sex with Rome Kategan.

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A Dirty Peek at The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1; Now Free for a Limited Time

Excerpt from Mating Cycle, book 1 in The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1. Warning: if you do not like hot sex in your books, do not pick up this bundle.


Vane could barely restrain himself from jumping through that window. All that creamy skin couldn’t possibly be as soft as it looked-but he wanted to find out. Her breasts were another matter; she had no idea, but as she tried to hide her large breasts, they only plunged over her slender arm instead. The sight had his cock standing hard and straight in his pants. The hard orgasm he’d just had wasn’t helping him a bit.

With the window open, he could smell her unique scent better. That unique scent that was female and lykaen was all Sarina and the heat from her mating need. It was like hot vanilla—sweet and sexy. The mating cycle was a powerful force for lykaen females. It could lure any unmated male to take her. But he planned to be the only man thrusting between those perfect thighs. Ever. His body answered her call with a readiness that pulled his balls up tight and made his cock drip with anticipation.

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Get The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1 for Free

Hey, y’all! Just wanted to toss a sale’s update your way. I am offering The Kategan Alphas Vol. 1 for FREE until October 25th, so go get your copy now! It’s available almost everywhere online. Tell your friends, tell your moms, tell your friends’ friends, and your mom’s moms! Then sit down and get cozy ’cause things are about to get fuuun.

If you don’t like DIRTY books, then stay away, because book one, MATING CYCLE, is HOT AS F@*K! That’s all. Here is a taste.


~Read on for a DIRTY sneak peek at Mating Cycle, book 1, in The Kategan Alphas series. Now FREE!~

Vane nearly exploded in his jeans like a teenage boy. The sight before him had him staring like a dumbfounded idiot.

The woman inside the cabin was small, curvy, and perfect. She lay sprawled on a large sofa, rubbing her little pussy with fast fingers while watching a man and woman fucking on the television.

The sight had him fighting a groan. Never in all his years had a sight taken him with such force, such lust. It was like being hit in the cock with pure sex. He watched, slack jawed, as she worked her little fingers between her legs and rubbed her little pearl. Her pussy was pink, open, and so soft looking. He licked his lips. He’d bet it tasted even better than it looked. It was all he could do not to break through the window and take her. She needed a cock. His cock.

His balls pulled up hard and tight. Sweat beaded his brow, and his cock was a constant pulsing weight in his jeans. Unconsciously, he began rubbing his crotch against the cabin. The delicious pressure had cum leaking from his cock.

Forcing himself to watch the sight of the female touching herself wasn’t hard. Vaguely he heard the voices of the actors, a woman climaxing and a man grunting. He looked away from the sexy female long enough to see the man jacking off at the blonde’s tan ass. That sight did nothing for him. Which surprised him, but then again, his real interest rested with a passionate lykaen who was desperately rubbing her wet pussy towards a climactic build up.

He watched her fingers work faster, as she panted harder and quicker, so determined to find her pleasure. He couldn’t stand it and, in a second, tore open his zipper, and was tugging on his own hard dick. He clamped his mouth shut to keep from making a sound. Damn but it was hard. He almost laughed at his own pun.

From the corner of his eye, he watched the male actor hunch over the woman and squeeze his balls. The female lykaen appeared to really like this as her hips undulated in a frantic rhythm at the sight.

Vane could smell her orgasm coming. It made his own semen leak out of his cock. He pumped faster, uncaring that he was jerking off in the middle of nowhere, outside a strange female’s house. His movements became just as quick and fierce as the actors did, except his attention was all on her. The actor on TV came in a long, guttural shout, and the lykaen’s breath froze.

Vane watched, fascinated, captivated, as her hips stopped in mid-motion, and she started coming. It was like watching a volcano erupt. She bucked hard and shouted, the sound making him stroke his own cock in hard, jerky movements. He ached to feel her pussy quivering around his cock. She came for endless moments, and he came with her. He came so hard that he bit down on his lip to keep from making a sound. His cock throbbed, a burning heat in his fist as streams of hot semen shot against the log cabin.

He quickly flattened himself against the wall. He couldn’t breathe worth a damn, but with restraint, he kept quiet as he put his softening cock back into his jeans. He took a moment and rested against the cool wood.

Holy shit.


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