A Free Dark Paranormal Romance: Vampire Cinderella Tale

Some readers love Dom. Some hate Dom. But when well-to-do politician vampire Dominic Blackmoore falls in love with poor Felicity Shaw, the woman hired to plan his marriage to another woman, his entire world gets turned upside down. Because it’s Felicity show draws him near like a moth to flame. It’s Felicity’s blood, her body, her small smile that drives him to the brink of insanity amid the most important time of his life–his run for presidency over the supernatural werewolf and vampire council. Felicity would never make it as a politician’s bride, but in the end he has to choose: love over power. Will he make the right one?


Book 1, TAKE ME, is FREE ALWAYS. See if you like the smexy vampire series today!

Book 1 in the intoxicatingly rich world of the Blackmoore brothers – And it’s FREE!

“T. A. Grey’s “Take Me”—book 1 in her new series “The Untouchables—is a smartly crafted, highly erotic, and emotionally charged paranormal romance.  Grey deviates from her usual alternate-reality style in “Take Me” to suck readers into a destructive love triangle/quadrangle in a tempting almost-reality world.  Grey’s primary male character is domineering, sexy, yet sometimes clueless…basically a normal male.  Her primary female character is flawed, ambitious, and down-right normal.  Readers can identify with the characters’ feelings of pain, love, lust, loss, betrayal, and pure determination to overcome any obstacle.  Although “Take Me” was written for a paranormal genre, the overwhelming undercurrent of normalcy flowing through the world and themes draws the reader in and doesn’t let go.  Grey even created a villain so devious, so crazy, so sexy, so utterly broken that it is impossible to hate him.  Grey has worked hard to make this group of immortal bad boys anything but Untouchable…Yum!”  Copyright 2013 by Amber L. Barr ~Vampire and Immortal Books

“This girl knows how to write a flawed alpha male who steals your heart every time!! Dom and Felicity are truly opposite and met under the worst of circumstances, considering Dom is promised to another. But yet the sparks fly!! Neither one can resist each other and lies start piling up. Is there a chance for true love to win?”~Close Encounters of the Night Kind

“This novel was unforgettable, as many others stories from the great and talented T.A. Grey. I couldn’t put the book down and I was thrown into a storming new adventure filled with sexy alpha males and crazy kick-ass chicks!” ~Proserping Craving

“Dominic Blackmoore remember that name because believe me after reading this book you won’t forget it. I’m a big fan of T.A.Grey. I have read everything she has written so when I knew this book was coming out I couldn’t wait to read it. And it has Vampires and Weres my two favourite things well add a third thing to that as it also has loads of sex scenes. And Oh my giddy heart is this book Hot the sex scenes are raw and sexy and i loved every minute of it, I can feel a cold shower coming on. ;)” ~PassionateBooks.blogspot.com

“This was a nice set up for the new series that hopefully will follow. We met all of the delicious and intriguing Blackmoore brothers. The writer brilliantly teases with sneaky little hints at the brothers stories. Vas, the dark and tortured brother, and I’m thinking that I already know where he’s headed…and with which lady. Grayson promises to give me a story that will tug at my heart strings. Then there is Lucas…the wild and reckless rock star brother. His story has me intrigued already. I like this new world that T.A. Grey has created, and I’m sure to be visiting my favorite characters in each new book. This exciting new series is sure to appeal to paranormal readers. It definitely got me on the hook and eagerly awaiting the next offering in the series. I highly recommend this book.” ~Night Owl Romance

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2 thoughts on “A Free Dark Paranormal Romance: Vampire Cinderella Tale

  1. Hi,
    I just finished The Silent Princess and and really enjoyed it as well as The Loneliest Alpha and was wondering where Jo’s story is as well as Hart’s and Kaity’s books.

    • I’m writing Jo’s story now, but I don’t have a release date. Hart’s book would come after Jo’s, but there is no set release date for any of these. I have been posting snippets from Jo’s story though on my blog and Facebook page, if you follow. 🙂

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