I hit the USA TODAY Bestsellers List!

I did it.



What I meant to say was: I DID IT!!!!!!

You are looking at (or reading at?) an official bestselling author. It’s like winning an Oscar, or a Grammy–for the rest of my life I get to put this title everywhere. My gravestone, on my books, on my website, on my imaginary nameplate that sits on my desk. You know, wherever.

Out of 150 slots on the USA TODAY list, I hit #119. As I mentioned in my Kboards post which tracked the sales and progression of me trying to hit the list with my book “The Bellum Sisters Bundle” –at least I wasn’t the first loser.

Bwahahaha. 😀 😀

That’s something my husband would say. Mean but funny.

If you require proof. Here it is: http://www.gannett-cdn.com/usatoday/editorial/life/booklist/usatodaybooks.pdf. Just remember #119. And you’ll see me sitting happily there like an overly fat and content cat.


Tubbs. The cat. Neko Katsume. The only game I have time to play anymore. Look it up.

So, that’s all. I could drone on about Rogue Blood, the 4th book in the Untouchables series I’m working on. But WHO CARES!? I’m a bestseller and I just want to thank every reader who’s ever picked up one of my books and made my dream come true. Now I gotta get out of here before I shed an internet tear.

Happy wicked reading!

~*~*~ T. A. Grey ~*~*~