Amazon Reviews (what they’re really worth)

Pretty sure I’ve experienced this as well!


Last week was a busy one. I had a proofreading job and an editing job, both due by Friday. Then, I received an email from my domain provider on Tuesday, which set off a chain of events that robbed roughly 20 hours from my already packed week. After a multitude of phone calls to my domain provider, an attorney, and more than 250 screenshots of someone’s malicious activity… I had to scramble to finish my contracted work. I was so ready for the weekend!

My original intention was to write a post about internet trolls in general with Amazon Reviews being a small portion of it, but as it turns out, there was too much material for just one post.

So, today is about Amazon and how cyber trolls take advantage of their review system. There have been other blogs about the same subject and I hate to add to the already bloated web…

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Amazon Takes Aim At Scammers But Hits Authors

A look into one of the negative aspects of Kindle Unlimited. I recently read a book on KU that had this same clickbait in the front of the book. I had never seen it before, so I clicked but it was for nothing I wanted — a sort of “special offer”. It wasn’t until I clicked that I realized the whole point was an effort to ensure the author receives full payout for their book. Such drastic measures only seems to point to further issues with the KU system.