Monday Bum’s Day #12 Perfect Physique

Good morning, everyone and thank you for joining me today for a lovely bum. The kind of bum that must have taken years of squats and lunges to achieve, the kind of bum that makes your mouth salivate and your arousal senses tingle. This is one hot ass. Just a note to the model in the photo: I know you are more than your ass and I’m sorry for objectifying you this way.


Now, to the butt!


Sexy man's butt

Do you sigh upon peering at this man’s glorious physique? I did. He’s worked quite hard to achieve this level of perfection and I must simply say bravo! 

Carry on and have a lovely day…

T. A. Grey

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15 Ways To Improve KDP – Progress Report

15 Ways to Improve KDP Progress Reports by David Gaughran

David Gaughran

kindle-direct-publishing The London Book Fair is underway again which makes it a perfect time to review the list of suggestions I presented to KDP last year.

As regular readers will know, I crowd-sourced a list of feature requests, bug fixes, and common problems via my blog and the most popular self-publisher hangout, Kboards.

The KDP reps at the Fair spent a great deal of time going through your list of suggestions. They asked for clarification at various points and I was able to follow up with them by email afterwards.

At the same time, a parallel effort led by Marie Force, Laura Florand, and Diana Peterfreund presented a similar list of suggestions at NINC in October last year. There were probably more such efforts too.

In any event, here’s the checklist, with progress (if any) indicated.

1. More Data! (see original request here)

A very common demand was for…

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