Tempting Gray The Untouchables #2 by T. A. Grey

Monday Bun’s Day #11 – Fun in the Sun

Monday Bun’s Day #11 – Fun in the Sun

It’s been getting colder as the season changes, orange, yellow, and red leaves fall, and grass finally stops growing. We all cheer “Yay!” when we can put out lawnmowers away for the year. Or, at least, I do. When that cold, brisk wind hits you, I hope this image is there to comfort you and perhaps add some much needed warmth. (I almost made a IN YOUR PANTS joke, but that’s just silly so I didn’t.)

Monday Bun's Day by T. A. Grey


If this doesn’t make you feel the sun on your skin, or a little hot under the collar, then I need sexier pictures. 😉 Happy Monday everyone!

If this picture failed to make you hot, then might I suggest this video.

T. A. Grey










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