The Tortured Hero

This post was orignially created for the Tortured Hero Blog Hop hosted by Carrie Ann Ryan but had to be canceled. So I am posting this on my own for fun! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about tortured heroes.

The tortured hero.

bigstock-naked-beautiful-man-standing-b-35595386They draw us in with their gut-wrenching pasts and their painful presents. We yearn to see them find happiness for they are deserving of love too. We love their stories, no matter how painful or bittersweet it is to read because these men (or women) have lived a harder life than some. It’s because of that life that they’re harder than other men, different.

Angel from the Buffy the Vampire television show is always a great example of a tortured hero. He struggles with who he is and what it means–typical vampire stuff. What really sets him apart, I think, is his love for Buffy. They yearn to be together but never can because it will turn him into his demon side–Angelus.

It’s certainly not uncommon to find tortured heroes in novels.

From my own work, Alrik in The Fallen King is definitely a tortured hero. He’s been cursed with rage and has pushed his loved ones away, hurt those he’s loved, and taken his rage out on the innocent. And this has gone on for a long, long time. In Ties That Bind (The Bellum Sisters #3) we see Alrik in all his villainous (and sometimes erotic) ways, but in The Fallen King we get to see all of his layers. We see the why and how as we watch someone who finds redemption, whether he wants it or not.

Who are some of your favorite tortured heroes? The movies, TV, or books share some of your favorites.

Happy reading!

T. A. Grey

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