Valentine’s Day Erotic Cookie Giveaway

Erotic cookies. What? Yes, this is a real thing and you can win some. Not only will you win some delicious chocolate and vanilla cookies designed/baked from Janey Cakes but 2 lucky winners will receive the Bellum Sisters series 4-book boxed set as well. Two great prizes but the giveaway ends Friday night so hurry to participate!






This giveaway is not for international participants, sorry! If you’d like to win this unique, tasty, and dare I say sexy, giveaway then enter at the rafflecopter link below!

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Erotic Cookie Giveaway

  1. Those cookies look really tasty. I love cookies and books are an added bonus. Makes you wonder which one is better. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. ok so I entered the giveaway but I can’t share it on facebook seeing as my mother, father, and other family members are my “friends” and that would just be a little awkward lol I don’t even want to think about how my father would react if he saw those cookies lol, yes I am a grown woman but still daddy’s little girl. oh well I guess I will just be one entry short.

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!

  3. That’s so funny! At Christmas when I was making cut-out cookies for the grandchildren, Hubby was “busy” behind me making his own little dork design from a couple of cut-outs waiting on the cookie sheet to bake. I never noticed it until I took them out of the oven. What a hoot! Of course, he put icing on it and made me eat it while taking a picture. He’s a nut!

  4. Oh my Goth, those cookies look delicious. There’s even one shaped like a thingy. o.O Impressive…
    Woah, a boxset!!!????!! 😀 That’s a pretty groovy achievement.

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