Please Don’t Pirate My Book Day

You must be asking yourself what is Please Don’t Pirate My Book Day. Don’t bother checking your calendars because this is a brand new holiday and it happens to be today FEBRUARY 6th!


Now, before I get into my thoughts and experience with book pirates I must divert your attention to the man who made this great day possible–Chuck Wendig. Yes, that’s his real name, and it’s awesome. Wendig. Is he part wendigo–we may never know.


After reading Wendig’s 25 Thoughts on Book Piracy, he suggested we have a special day for us author types to discuss book pirating. He is probably doing this as a joke on all of us (because he got us to do this) while sitting back laughing his ass off. However, I thought he made some great points in his article and you should check it out (especially if you love raunchy humor). I know I do. 😉


See book pirating is when there’s a book or author you want to try, but you want to read the books without paying for them. See, simple. So you go to some sort of torrent/file sharing site and click download while hoping you don’t get some crazy spyware/virus. If it works then you give yourself a fist bump and start reading. Let’s say you even like the book. In that case you may go back and decide to download the rest of this person’s series or other books. It’s awesome ’cause it’s free!

So, where does the problem come in? Well the problem comes in when people are getting my book for free. Now there’s a lot of debate going on out there in the Internet ether on whether it actually effects authors that people pirate their work. On one hand it’s possible to make a life-long fan out of someone; while on the other, they are “sort of” stealing. Now, if everyone was to pirate my books then I’d have to go back to applying at Starbucks, Kohls, and Lowes because I wouldn’t be able to write for a living any more. However, if only a small percent of people do it then I could possibly be making a fan who might praise my glorious romance novels to all their friends and family. Then, if I’m lucky, one of them might actually buy the book. So, see, it could work out with a sale.


Personally I don’t understand why anyone would pirate some of the books they do. Chains of Frost which gets pirated is a full-length novel, has great reviews, and is only $.99. Literally, unless I gave it away for free (then people wouldn’t need to pirate it, huh?) I couldn’t sell it for any cheaper. I think a dollar to read an entire novel is pretty awesome but that’s just my opinion.


I once was a book pirate. I used to hang my head in shame for doing it because I felt like I was betraying some of my favorite authors. I would try to find the books at the library, but where I live the romance section of the library is literally half a row of books. Seriously, it’s a shame. Most of these books were Christian romances–no thanks. Anyone whose read my books should see why I couldn’t settle for an inspirational romance. *gag* Why did I do this? Because I was one of those really broke college students. To spend $6.99 + tax on a single paperback would have hurt my already tight budget. Since then I’ve tried to make up for my ways by re-purchasing the author’s books that I liked and by continuing to follow and support them. Has it relieved my guilt? Yeppers! 🙂

Well then, where do I stand on this whole piracy thing? Fact is, I’m unsure. If someone needs to escape into some books because they’re too broke to buy them I’m all right with that. If they’re doing it just because they can (when they have .99 cents to spare) then I think that’s grimy. For the most part, I try to ignore it by telling myself that at least someone wants to read my books.

Let me know what you think.

Happy reading,



5 thoughts on “Please Don’t Pirate My Book Day

  1. I think most books that get pirated now a days are digital. And seriously, if someone can afford the device to read it on, they should be able to pay .99 cents to $3.99 per book, or at least wait until that author offers it for free. Great post, T.A. I shared it on my Facebook page. Happy Don’t Pirate My Book Day to you!

    • You know, that’s a really good point and I hadn’t thought of it. Back in my broke days people didn’t have tablets and I don’t think the Kindle or Nook was invented yet. I used to read books on my laptop. Naturally the formatting was usually off but I’d been desperate. I guess it would be much easier for people to copy the books now with everything being digital. I agree with you. I try to price my ebooks fairly so that people can afford it, but they get pirated anyway. Thanks for the thought-provoking comment, Susan!

  2. Well I’ll be honest 😉
    I pirate books sometime, but because I do not own credit card, and you can only buy with them on internet, but when we get books in my country then I go and by a book in paper, speacialy if I love the book. I have 237 books right now on my shells 🙂
    soo maybe this isn’t a excuse, but sorry I really love to read, but when I see it on a paper I buy it.
    Maybe it could be an option to buy books with paysafe method? Then I coul buy them, but I do not trust credict card and therefore am not going to get one. I pay everything with money. But I really didn’t want to offend the writer with pirate the book, and I do not share them furter.
    Sorry for my bed english,I am beter with reading then writing, hope you undertand


    • Alenka,
      I think you make a very interesting point. I once read that people will pirate a book (movie, song, etc.) if they can’t find it in their country in a reasonably priced, reasonable format. In that case, people want the book, can’t find it it legally, and will do anything to have it. I understand that. I also see how that isn’t always going to be fair to the author. For instance, if you were to pirate some of my books, then you might never be able to buy my books in paperback in your country. So I’ll never receive anything out of it. As an Indie author my only paperbacks are sold online where you would need a credit card to purchase it. So for an author in my situation I would never be compensated.

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate hearing your unique take on the situation! 🙂

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