Finding that right book – A pirate story

What is it about a good book that drives us to excitement? I know for me the excitement begins in the hunt for the next book to read. I’ve always compared the edgy, excited feeling to that of a drug-addict looking for his fix. It’s a dramatic comparison and one I know nothing about personally (unless watching Intervention counts) but I do have a flair for exaggeration. Which makes me ridiculous often and therefore hilarious.

Yes, that's Fabio.

Yes, that’s Fabio.

I LOVE finding new books to read. I might even like it as much as actually settling into a new book and reading. The hunt is an experience all on its own.

Personally, I do research. I figure out what I’m in the mood for.

Lately, it’s been swashbuckling pirates from the olden-days where women always wore dresses (where real ladies had women to dress them!) and men could be rakes or rogues. We don’t call people that any more; in fact I’d question the fact that any one ever really used those words at all. (I’m surely wrong about that) For all I know it was an invention of romance writers some years ago. They are such sensual words: a rake, a rogue. It almost makes me shiver. Besides, when you have a tall, muscle-clad pirate who wears his shirtsleeves rolled up and his collar unbuttoned as he mans his ship, I can’t help but think (as a woman, naturally) oh yes. And, if he can do this while carrying a woman on his arm (see: any pirate romance novel cover ever) then I am only doubly impressed and must hasten to purchase said novel.


What is with the white shirts? All these pirate heroes are always wearing white shirts. Logically I think it’s because dyed shirts back then might be expensive so white was common. However, my feminine writer/reader side thinks it might be so that we can all glory at how tan and golden these men really are. White really helps the contrast.

So, I hunt.

It’s a difficult undertaking because there are many requirements the book must meet. Such as 1) the book must be in a series, 2) the book must be sexy, 3) it must be funny without simpering heroines (bawdy women, please) 4) and lastly, it should surprise me. Naturally, I won’t learn if the book is filled with many of these attributes unless I actually start reading it. So, I look at the cover, read the blurb, buy the book, and hope for the best.

Ah, the hunt is over.

I’ve finally settled on a book and it had better be so damned good that I can gobble up the entire six book series in two days, tops! If it isn’t, the disappointment after all that searching, after discarding so many other choices that had potential just for this one book, I might just slam it closed and not touch another book for months. This level of disappointment has happened to me before. And, since the book was such a disappointment I couldn’t even tell you what the name of it was or who wrote it. All I do remember is the long dry spell of being scared to try and other books. This can go on for months even.

If you’re like me, then you get scared. That book that you had so painstakingly chosen to read had betrayed your trust. You thought it’d meet all of your mental little requirements that make a good book. Instead, it sucked hard. Some might even say it sucked balls. At times like this, I search for those trusted authors, you know the ones. The ones you can trust to always put out quality work that you love. You search for them but find out that you’ve read all of their books. They only release, at most, 2 books a year now. What am I to do? Wait another four months…or do I take a chance.

Well, I know that while my trust has been broken by this did-not-finish novel it can be restored by the right book and author. But what if I go through the hunt again and it turns out the same? Oh, the fear is like an itchy nag under my skin making me twitch. It has to be just right! Because if it isn’t…

09dvd.1.650You end up reading something that makes you scream in shock and horror. (Or just facepalm hard enough to give yourself a headache).

So, I search for a new book, a new series and author to lose myself in, someone who can take away all the dreariness, the boredom, the anything that accompanies us all everyday. I want to find some sassy, smart heroine to live vicariously through for many hours. I hunt and I search and then, gasp, I find something. Oh, it looks so promising and the cover is even a little different!


What is this? A sassy looking lady feeding the pirate. Well, I dare say, I am all about this. I already love it. Just the look on this model’s face–so confident. And, the pirate has his shirtsleeves rolled up and his collar completely open.

YES! What more could I ask for?

Oh, and it’s in a series. Yes. Now this particular book is not the first in its series by Jennifer Ashley but it is the first that caught my attention. This particular hunt turned out well for me, allowing me to devour many pirate-infested books with just enough twists and turns to feel fresh and new.

The hunt is over. The book is over. The entire series is over.

What now?

Disappointment creeps in like cold filling your bones, curling your lip down. No, you don’t want it to be over. You need more! All of these books filled all your little requirements to perfection, but they’re over. Now you need something to fill that hole again.

So, what do you do?

The answer, naturally, is to go hunting again.

Happy reading, everyone!


The Goings On in 2013

Hello ladies and sparse gentlemen!

So far this year of 2013 has been quite busy for me. The Fallen King is still freshly released and doing well. Some of the feedback I’ve been getting from readers and bloggers is really good! YAY! Those of you who have already read it got the thrill of watching (or reading, rather) a villain become a hero. Some, I came to find out, didn’t believe he could do it, that his past travesties from the previous book Ties That Bind were too much. HA! He showed you. 😉 A  strong, albeit crazy hero, laid beneath his villainous exterior.

Paranormal romance books

Enough about The Fallen King though. What this post is about is all the stuff I’ll be doing (or trying my best to do) in 2013.

Some of you may know that I am already mad at work at the first book in my newest series The Untouchables.

paranormal erotic romance booksIn Take Me, book one, the first brother you will get to know in the famous Blackmoore vampire family is Dominic. You will get to watch him meet his bruid in the most unexpected woman under a wee bit of a misconception. Due out in late February Take Me will have you laughing one moment then your jaw dropping the next at what comes out of the hero’s mouth. He has such a dirty mouth. It’s a great thing to read, let me tell ya! You can read the first chapter of Take Me right now, but be warned it’s no light stuff.

So, what does the rest of the year look like? Here is the tentative schedule. I say tentative because things happen. Once the manuscript is finished you will all have more solid dates listed. As of right now here is how my release schedule looks:

February: Take Me: The Untouchables #1 

AprilThe Untouchables #2 

JuneThe Untouchables #3

AugustThe Untouchables #4

October/NovemberContemporary romance series *new book #1

So, at the very least you can look to expect the entire Untouchables series this year and also the beginning of my next which, for the first time, will not be paranormal. I’m excited, and a little nervous about that one! At the very least we’re looking at five books this year; however, if I can make it more then I will certainly do it.

If you want to read excerpts of The Fallen King of Take Me then you can find them at my website I hope this list looks good to you. It’ll definitely keep me busy this year. 🙂 I hope you all have prosperous 2013’s and that you read many good books that put a smile on your face and take you away from life for awhile.

Happy reading,

T. A. Grey

The New Year’s Eve Blog Hop Winners

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the blog hop. I hope many of you got to win some great prizes at all the other blog stops!

omg excited

My winners will be getting a gifted copy of THE FALLEN KING, my latest paranormal erotic romance novel. It’s sexy, funny, and filled with some bad ass fights. I hope you all enjoy it!

And the winners are:

  1. Gamistress66
  2. Missie J.
  3. Michelle B.
  4. Ronda T.
  5. Jennie P.

Your free book will be sent along shortly, ladies!

The Fallen King_TA Grey


Learn more about The Fallen King here.

Or, you can get your own copy at:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | All Romance eBooks


Happy reading!

-T. A. Grey 



New Year’s Blog Hop

It’s 2013!New Year's Eve


I hope you all have a safe holiday! Dance, laugh, eat, and be merry because it’s 2013 and the world is still here.

I’m excited as I’ve been vacationing in New York to visit family for the holiday, and I’ve just released my newest book on Dec. 28th.

The Fallen King by T.A. Grey


The Fallen King is the 4th book in The Bellum Sisters series but can be read on its own. It’s a paranormal romance novel that features a cursed demon trying to get rid of his curse and a headstrong human/succubus who gets caught in his problems.

Life couldn’t have possibly gotten worse for the demon king Alrik. But it did. He lost the love of his life. Days spent clouded in black and gray were brightened only with the lovely Arianna near. Her light kept the darkness at bay if only for a few moments.

And now she’s gone leaving him alone. Now he has nobody. But he has purpose.

A purpose—steely determination—for revenge against the one who cursed him. His mother. She’s out there in the rift, gathering forces, for what, he’s unsure. A mere human witch by the name Abbigail Krenshaw is the key to saving himself and killing his mother–or so a little old seer tells him under sword point. Small, fragile, and breakable Abbigail almost reminds him of his lost love, yet she’s different. Strong, charming, always pushing him in ways that Arianna wouldn’t dare. He can feel her worming her way into his battered, blackened heart and can’t decide whether he wants to close her inside forever, or lock her out.

He needs Abbigail. He needs the human witch to sacrifice herself in order to save his tortured soul. He’s more than willing to sacrifice her for his purpose, but the more he’s around her the more difficult it becomes to uphold the decision. Can he really use her to save himself and let her die? His heart screams no but his mind says yes.

Get it now at:


Barnes & Noble


It’s another year over! Can you believe it? Well we authors, readers, and bloggers sure can’t. And to celebrate the New Year with bang, we’re going crazy and sending out so many prizes, fun parties, experiences, and other goodies, that it’s a bit scary. Each author has a favorite New Year memory, book, idea, or way to party and we’re going to show you! Can’t wait to see you January 1st – 6th!

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I am giving away 5 copies of THE FALLEN KING. All you have to do is leave a comment with what you like or don’t like about New Year’s below with your email address.

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