The Holiday Gift of Love Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to The Holiday Gift of Love Blog Hop! I hope you’re ready to win some great items because me and about 200 other blogs are giving away some great items. Leave a comment with your email address on each of the blogs and you will be entered to win the following three grand prizes by Carrie Ann Ryan:


*Note: the large swag pack is not available to international winners because of shipping costs, sorry!

Did I mention each of the individual blogs are giving away their own goodies? Be sure to stop by and participate!

Today I am giving away 5 copies of Chains of Frost. Chains of Frost is an erotic paranormal romance novel with demons, vampires, succubi, magic, potion-making, hot sex, drama, secrets, and some good/bad jokes. It also has a snowy cover so I thought that fit into the festive Christmas theme of today’s blog hop. 😉

Chains of Frost by T. A. GreyChains of Frost by T. A. Grey

Chains of Frost by T. A. Grey

Many things make the holidays great. One of my favorites is the food. During the holidays we get to eat food we normally don’t eat throughout the year (unless you are daring enough to make a turkey  in July! Do it, I dare you!).

Another great thing about the cold holiday season is men. Of course, men are always nice but especially so when they are naked in nothing but a Santa hat. Like so.


So ladies, here is my question for you. Think long and hard on this.

You may choose only one of each to discover your sexy holiday man:

  • Bodyguard / Firefighter / Marine
  • Vampire / Werewolf / Human
  • Sword / Gun / Bare hands
  • Pecan pie / Apple pie / Chocolate
  • Big hands / Nice dresser / Long hair
  • Christmas tree / Mistletoe / In the snow

Now, combine whichever you chose and leave it in your comment!

Here’s mine:

My fantasy holiday man is a professional bodyguard and 100% human. He totes a gun at his hip, loves pecan pie because the one I make is delicious, has big yummy hands, and he kisses me in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas night.

Be brave and share yours in the comments! Be sure to leave your email so you can be entered to win a free copy of Chains of Frost and Carrie Ann Ryan’s incredible grand prizes. Winners will be notified Dec. 18th!


34 thoughts on “The Holiday Gift of Love Blog Hop

  1. My bodyguard vampire wields a big sword when he isn’t covering me in chocolate with his big hands in front of the Christmas Tree.


  2. My guy is a tall, dark, handsome bodyguard who is 100% all American male. He protects me with his big Glock. He loves chocolate (which I love, too especially when it’s all he’s wearing.) He looks amazing, dressed up in his custom fitted, navy Armani suit, protecting…um…me under the mistletoe…in front of the fireplace by the Christmas tree…in the snow…

  3. Ok here goes:

    My werewolf, bodyguard with long silky hair is kissing me under the mistletoe as I was bring in the apple pie from the kitchen.

    Happy Holidays

    Twitter (@beckeywhite)
    FB (BeckeyWhite)
    AND Email

  4. Hmmm… I am out walking in the snow, when I happen to meet a Werewolf bodyguard with chocolate brown eyes. Despite wearing gloves, I can see that he has big hand….he has a sword strapped across his back, so I’m hoping he has muscular arms…

  5. Ok i love these hops… Here is guy

    Marine Werewolf sword applepie big hands Christmas tree.

    Funny Christmas story really quick… Hubby and I were engaged and he had just gotten back from japan it was christmas time… I blush really bad as the drop of a hat… Stopped by his mom’s work she made some crack about us making out under the christmas tree at her house… My hubby said no mom we were having sex under the christmas tree… True story she didn’t believe him still doesn’t but it happened oh and did i tell you he is a former marine lol. After 13 years together he still brings that story up every christmas just to see me blush and go shut up mike lol.

  6. my man guards my body hes a sexy werewolf who isn’t afraid to use his big hands to protect me if he needs to and i’m more than happy to return the favor by licking chocolate off his equally proportioned friend as we lay next to the bonfire and the falling snow coats us both
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  7. What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!

  8. He’s a firefighting werewolf, who has a big sword 😉 and loves chocolate, and he uses his big hands to cradle me to him for a kiss under the mistletoe 🙂


  9. I’ll take a Marine werewolf who can do all kinds of naughty things with his bare hands and chocolate. I’d love to roll around with him under the shadow of the Christmas tree while he does all kinds of lovely things with his very “big hands”.
    planterofhope at aol dot com

  10. Mine would be a vampire kissing me under the mistletoe. Holding me in his strong arms against his chisled chest. Whispering how he wants to take me away to make me happy & warm.
    Happy Holidays, Big Hugs
    Missie Jones
    missie25524 @netzero .com

  11. Long pale bodyguard, standing outside my house in the snow, wearing a long white dress, bare hands pressed against the window, vacant eyes, hair the colour of dark chocolate.

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