The Black Friday Blog Hop Winners

Ladies thank you so much for stopping by my blog on Black Friday for Carrie Ann Ryan’s blog hop. I had a great time reading some of your responses (hilarious!) and joining in on the hop.

I have used to choose four winners of the $5 digital gift cards from either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

*drum roll please*

And the winners are:

  1. Marlena F.
  2. Chickie434
  3. Cassandra H.
  4. Miriam R.

I am so happy that you all stopped by. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Congratulations to the winners! I hope your gift card goes towards some much needed romance books ;).

I hope you all feel at least this excited about winning!

Carrie Ann Ryan has chosen the 3 grand prize winners over at her website for participating in the blog hop. So make sure to see if you’ve won there too!

Thanks everyone!

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