The Fallen King

It’s almost here! I can practically taste it. Of course, I’ve been writing Alrik’s story for nearly two months now. I know everyone who read Ties That Bind probably let out a little scream of frustration at all that happened to the dark and troubled character at the end of the book.


Well, lucky for all of us, Alrik wouldn’t leave me alone. Remember when I told ya’ll about the new ‘bodyguard’ series I wanted to write? Heck, I even wrote several chapters into it (check out Playin’ for Keeps). So, even though I didn’t really want to, I set aside Playin’ for Keeps so that Alrik could shut up in my head.

I think all of you fans of The Bellum Sisters Trilogy will not be disappointed with this book. Alrik is one intense and interesting demon. Pair him off with a smart, funny & sexy witch/human and…let’s just say a lot of fun stuff happens.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. The Fallen King will be finished in a few weeks and from there on out it’ll be revised and edited by me and several others until it looks all shiny and perfect.

So here are some fun things you can look forward to start…soon:

  • Book cover reveal for The Fallen King
  • Blurb reveal
  • More snippets coming your way
  • The official release date to be named (I’m looking at the 21st or 28th!)
  • A preview at my next/new series (another very different paranormal series)
  • Cover reveal for my next series — The Untouchables
  • Chains of Frost print copies to be given away
  • The Black Friday Blog Hop where I will give away more prizes
  • The book launch for The Fallen King where I will give away free copies of the book and other things for some help in spreading the word!

Whew. Is that all?

Probably not. I’ve been busy and these next few months are going to be even more so as The Fallen King’s release date nears.

So, stay tuned, ladies and gents. Subscribe here, follow me on Facebook and Twitter and get the latest news as I send it!



Happy reading, everyone!



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