An Interview with Paranormal YA author Tish Thawer

Hello, everyone!

Today is an exciting day for me–it’s the first ever author interview I’ve conducted. Today, I’d like to welcome everyone to Tish Thawer the author of the YA series, The Rose Trilogy, and the new series, Ovialell.

Let’s dive right in!

TA: What’s one habit you have while writing? (i.e. listening to music, drinking coffee, rambling to yourself, writing in bed, on paper, etc.)

Tish: Usually I do my best writing while sitting in my sun room with incense lit and “spa” type instrumentals playing in the background.

TA: What made you want to become a writer?

Tish: I developed a deep love of reading over the last ten years; the joy of being transported to another world was something I’ve always been drawn to, even as a kid, so when inspiration struck…I jumped in feet first!


TA: Tell us about The Rose Trilogy. What kind of series is it and what is it about?

Tish: The Rose Trilogy is a mature YA paranormal romance. It’s about a young woman who’s in love with a vampire, but carries many secrets that could threaten their relationship and ultimately their lives.

Here’s the tag line:

What if vampires were the good guys and a human girl was the one to fear?


TA: Did you model your characters after anyone in particular?

No I didn’t.


TA: What inspired you to write The Rose Trilogy?

Tish: I actually woke up from a dream with the title of the first book in my head, and within seconds I though of the other two as well. I immediately knew it would be about a girl named Rose and her journey from an innocent “white” Rose, to a guilty “red” Rose, and finally to a dark “black” Rose.


TA: You have a new book available called Prophecy’s Child. Can you tell us about it?

Tish: Prophecy’s Child is a short-story companion to the Ovialell series, which provides back story to one of the side-characters in the main series.

Here’s the tag line:

The end of a race…

The beginning of history…

The birth of a warrior.

TA: I know you just had a new release, but when can we expect your next book and what will it be?

Tish:  Aradia Awakens, which is Book One in the Ovialell series, is due out November 6, 2012.


Tish, thank you so much for letting me interview you. You were my first I shall always remember it. 😉

Visit Tish’s website to learn more about The Rose Trilogy and the Ovialell series.

Find her books at:


Barnes and Noble

All Romance eBooks


5 thoughts on “An Interview with Paranormal YA author Tish Thawer

  1. Woop! 😀 This is so very groovy! You’re getting guest stars now! :O Impressive! Really fun read, and it’s an interesting idea to use for a blog post.

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