Coupons on all my books!

Howdy ya’ll!

I am giving out coupons for 25% off all my books and giving away all of my $.99 stories for free through Smashwords. If you’ve been wanting to check out The Kategan Alphas series or The Bellum Sisters Trilogy or even any of my standalone works then now is the time to do it.

All you have to do to get the coupon codes is sign up for my monthly newsletter. If you’re already signed up then your newsletter with all the codes will be in your inbox shortly! Don’t worry, the newsletter isn’t anything scary. It comes once a month and just discusses the newest stories I’m working, or which books have just been released, or talks about any giveaways I’m doing. Stuff like that!

All coupon codes are good until August, 13th.

So you have all weekend to spend your coupon codes at Smashwords or to sign up for my newsletter and get some 25% off coupon codes!

Thanks everyone and I hope you enjoy!

T. A. Grey

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