A Thief on Amazon

A very nice lady on Goodreads sent me a message today. She told me one of my stories was being sold by someone else on Amazon.

Hm, I thought, odd.

So I looked this person up on Amazon and my jaw hits the floor. He’s selling one of my short stories as his own. He hasn’t changed the cover or any of the contents of the story. It literally looks like this: note he’s using himself as the author.

After having an awkward laugh and replying to this very nice woman (thank you, Mary!)  I shot an email off to Amazon about it.

But what to do now? I don’t want anyone to buy this book. God, even when I used to sell it I sold it for $.99 not $2.99! Outrageous for a short story, in my opinion. So, I jumped on Facebook and asked the fans on my author and fan page to leave some 1-star reviews to warn people that this is stolen work. My fans are AWESOME! As in the greatest people ever. They did leave a bunch and I had a great time reading them.

And what do I know, several hours later I go and refresh that Amazon page and BOOM! It’s gone. I search for the Mr. Eric Zhang and “Ecstasy Overload” but find nothing. So, I did a giddy giggle and cheered because Amazon was quick to the punch. I mean, they haven’t even emailed me back yet! But they took that money-stealing, copyright infringing douche down. (Pardon my language, but he is a douche).

So, what a day folks. What can I say but that if you’re a self-published author, watch your books. Or, in my case, hope some kind soul comes forward to tell you someone’s using your work as their own. Thank you to everyone who helped out and cared. That means a lot to me! 🙂

By the way, if you’d like to read my short story it is available for FREE at Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords. (And hopefully soon on Amazon, by me).

Have a great week everyone!

T. A. Grey


8 thoughts on “A Thief on Amazon

    • You’re right, the link still works. But if you click on his name, all of this previous “books” have been removed. Also, just searching for him and my story brings up nothing. I’m surprised the link still works! I’m sure they’ll be taking it down soon! 🙂

    • I know! I mean, it’s pretty ridiculous. Was kind of hard to believe when I first saw it. It’s pretty low to stoop, plus not even changing the cover or anything…. So obvious!

    • I really hope at the very least that they’ve banned his account. I’ve heard people have a really hard time getting a new account, if ever, since it’s tied to your social security number! I hope we don’t see any more like him.

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