Free erotica reads!

Two of my short stories, both erotica, both written last year, are now available for free through Smashwords. One Last  Chance is a contemporary piece, funny with a little eroticism, and Ecstasy Overload is a futuristic/sci-fi piece with some erotic tones.

One Last Chance

Katie Malone lost the love of her life four painful years ago. She never thought she’d see Jack Dempsey again. She’d stopped wishing for that a long time ago. But now he’s home, and he wants her back. Can Katie deal with the pain of the past and accept the one man she’s ever loved?

Ecstasy Overload

The deadliest soldier is on a mission to bring back one woman. A woman he shouldn’t touch, but can’t resist. Terrence Jharvic is trained in a thousand ways to kill a person. But nothing has prepared him for Lace Regan. Her body sets him on fire, and her fiery attitude has him craving more.

All the Ties That Bind Giveaway items are here. You can find the pics of the goodies at my Facebook page. I hope you check it out, and if you like The Bellum Sisters Series, then enter to win! The contest link will be posted on my website later tonight!
Happy reading everyone,
T. A. Grey

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