Where to publish your e-book

While I’ve only been self-publishing for almost a year (from this day) I have learned so much since then. Now I’m one of those people who, when I learn something new, wants to run around and tell everyone. Yes, it’s very annoying for my fiance, but he’s a good man and listens (or pretends to well enough). I admit I do the same thing to him when he starts in on a new hardrive he’s going to buy. Once he starts spewing off specs and abbreviations I don’t understand, my mind wanders.

Back to publishing! I have certainly not learned all there is to yet. It seems like everyday I learn a new formatting trick, a new way to advertise, or learn of a new website to sell my books at. It’s exciting for me–droll for the fiance. So in this post I’d like to list all of the websites I’ve learned of where you can publish your e-book. I will also talk a little about the pros and cons from my own experience working with them. You may know of all of these, but if you don’t then I hope you’ve found another outlet to sell your reads!

  • AMAZON: Of course! Every sells their books on Amazon. As of right now they hold the largest portion of the market with e-readers, meaning they sell more e-books(1). This also means you’ll have a lot more competition in whatever genre you write it, but without a doubt, sell your book here. One thing to be wary of is Amazon’s Select program which requires your book to be sold exclusively at their store. If you have a single standalone title this may not be a bad thing; however, you are possibly losing a large number of readers through other publishing sites. To learn more about this program and tons of other great information on self-publishing check out Mark Coker’s (the president of Smashwords) new free ebook The Secrets to eBook Publishing.
  • BARNES AND NOBLE: Second largest seller of ebooks. Although second in line to Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and their awesome Nook users still have some very good numbers(2). Just like with Amazon, you can make your own publishing account and have your book up within 1-3 days. This is probably my favorite site to publish at, though I’m not sure why.
  • SMASHWORDS: Smashwords isn’t always a known website. I’ve heard many people say to me “what’s that?” However, it’s an excellent website for writers, and sometimes I see it go under people’s radars. Many authors have gone on to become bestselling Indie authors because of Smashwords (for more on that see The Secrets to eBook Publishing). Smashwords is excellent because it’s free to use, and if you sign up for Premium Distribution (also free) then you get a FREE ISBN number. This means that Smashwords will then distribute your book to the Sony, Kobo, and iTunes. This is huge! You cannot self-pub with these companies without Smashwords. Apple holds a rather large share of ereading devices from their phones to their iPads. And personally, I want my books to get to Sony and Kobo readers because they are out there. The larger your audience, the more you have to potentially sell. Use smashwords.
  • All Romance eBooks: [Notice: this works for a variety of genres; not just romance] All Romance eBooks is a combinationof three websites including OmniLit and AReCAFE. When you publish your book there, you actually have to ‘apply‘ to be accepted. Once accepted, you can upload your books. One really neat thing about this website (or combination of) is that they have their own bestsellers list. So it’s possible that if you sell well you can make it on the front page, which is always great. And then you will probably sell even more.
  • Your Website: I haven’t done this, but I’ve thought about it. Technically, I know I can make a store on my website and sell both ebooks and POD books if I wanted. I haven’t done this because I think it will look unprofessional, but if anyone has done this and it’s been successful I would love to know about it.
 I didn’t touch on any websites where you have Print-on-Demand because I don’t have any books in print, and I don’t want to talk about something I’m not familiar with. I hope that if you’re already publishing or considering publishing that you’ve learned about a new website to help you along the way!
Happy writing everyone,
T. A. Grey



The Ties That Bind Giveaway has begun!

Come one, come all, and enter to win a bundle of three goodies featuring Ties That Bind: The Bellum Sisters 3 novel. With a valid name and address, you can win a large coffee cup, a poster, and (my favorite) a journal. There will be only six winners, and they will be announced on May 11th.

Here is what you’ll be getting if you win:

Ties That Bind: The Bellum Sisters 3 by T. A. Grey

Don’t hate on the semi-blurriness/darkness of the picture. I am not a photographer. 🙂

Please come on over to my website where you can read all about the details (like that I’m accepting out-of-country submissions!) of the contest. It’s simple, it’s easy to do, so give it a try.

Check out the contest HERE!

There’s something so warm and comforting about the word ‘bundle’, isn’t there? Have a great week everyone!

T. A. Grey


Free erotica reads!

Two of my short stories, both erotica, both written last year, are now available for free through Smashwords. One Last  Chance is a contemporary piece, funny with a little eroticism, and Ecstasy Overload is a futuristic/sci-fi piece with some erotic tones.

One Last Chance

Katie Malone lost the love of her life four painful years ago. She never thought she’d see Jack Dempsey again. She’d stopped wishing for that a long time ago. But now he’s home, and he wants her back. Can Katie deal with the pain of the past and accept the one man she’s ever loved?

Ecstasy Overload

The deadliest soldier is on a mission to bring back one woman. A woman he shouldn’t touch, but can’t resist. Terrence Jharvic is trained in a thousand ways to kill a person. But nothing has prepared him for Lace Regan. Her body sets him on fire, and her fiery attitude has him craving more.

All the Ties That Bind Giveaway items are here. You can find the pics of the goodies at my Facebook page. I hope you check it out, and if you like The Bellum Sisters Series, then enter to win! The contest link will be posted on my website later tonight!
Happy reading everyone,
T. A. Grey

Ties That Bind: The Bellum Sisters 3 Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or are subscribed to my newsletter then you know that I am having a giveaway (soon). In anticipation of Ties That Bind–the third and final Bellum Sister’s book– I am giving away a bundle of Ties That Bind items in a contest!

The Ties That Bind contest will begin some time this week. A contest link will be put up on my website and anyone can enter to win. More details on the specifics of the contest will be spelled out on my website when the contest begins. The basic deets are: that anyone can enter, the winners will be chosen at random, and the giveaway items are a bundle of goodies. This bundle includes three unique Ties That Bind items–a coffee mug (I love me some coffee), a large poster, and a journal. I have received most of the items but am waiting until I get the last one before I post pictures and upload the contest link on my website. There will be a total of six winners chosen at the end of the contest period.

I am so excited about this contest. To be able to give away physical items with the Ties That Bind cover on them is pretty sweet. When I receive everything and have the contest posted, I’ll write another post. In the meantime, here is another teaser from Ties That Bind:

Her eyes closed, and she could feel the heat from his body and hands; she waited for the touch to come.

It came, but it wasn’t what she’d expected. Her eyes flew open. Not a kiss, but teeth, sharper than her own sunk in to her bottom lip and tugged. Something dark and wicked coiled inside her, pulling out deeper, hotter feelings. She moaned as he released it. 

Through her hazy eyelids she saw his lips retreating. She wanted so much more, his tongue thrusting in her mouth, his lips taking hers like she’d dreamed of. With a greedy little sound, she pressed her lips to his.

Ties That Bind by T. A. Grey

I hope you fans of the series check out the contest and enter to win!

Talk to you all soon,

T. A. Grey.