Ties That Bind: A Bellum Sister’s Novel

I am posting this specifically for an internet friend of mine, Sir manbehindthecurtain.

I have this express need to show him, and you, dear readers, my latest book cover. This book cover is for the last book in the Bellum Sister’s trilogy that will be out some time in February called Ties That Bind. I think this cover is so beautiful and dark and lovely that I thought Sir manbehindthecurtain, and others, might enjoy it.

And if he does not read this post, then I shall send my ninja kittens in training after him!

Anyways, as for my current work Bonds of Fire, I have to post-pone the release date until early January. *ducks the rotten vegetables thrown at her* Yes, I know I am a horrible person but it seems that I forgot I was going on a vacation this month and will not be able to write. To make up for this, I have to push back the date. So sorry for all of you who’ve been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for Bonds of Fire.

Now, back to what I was originally saying. All of the covers for this series have been done by Mae I Design. Each one I think accurately gives you a feel for the book, and the latest cover is no different.

Ties That Bind by T. A. Grey

You can find the covers for all of the books in this series around my blog and my website. I hope you all check out my latest series, I’m incredibly proud of it. That’s all for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!


-Sir manbehindthecurtain, do you like this cover or what?

6 thoughts on “Ties That Bind: A Bellum Sister’s Novel

  1. I made the right choice it seems.
    I was in Galway recently with some friends. They dragged me around clothes shops, but we did go to one bookshop. I couldn’t find any of your books there. Obviously, ’twasn’t much of a bookshop.

    • You’re sweet for looking. I don’t have any books out in print right now. I’m working up to that. So, out of curiosity, is this the kind of television you like to watch over there in Ireland?

      • HAHAHAHA! That video was so funny! πŸ˜€ And true.
        Father Ted is very popular in Ireland. It’s hilarious. Not to mention some show called The Hardy Bucks. Everyone I know seems to love it. I’m probably the only person in Ireland never to have seen it. πŸ˜›

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