Book Schedule

I’ve been wanting to make a rough list of the books that I’ll be making in the coming months. So here it is!

November: Chains of Frost the first in my newest paranormal erotic romance series

December: Bonds of Fire – the second book in the series starring Willow Bellum *EDIT: Bonds of Fire won’t be ready until early January due to misplanned nonsense from me. *

January: Bonds of Fire release (finally).

February: Ties That Bind – the third book in the Bellum Sister’s paranormal trilogy.

March: A 5th Kategan Alphas book starring Dmetri Demidov

That’s right, I’ll be writing another Kategan Alphas book at the request of my fans. You want another, then you’re gonna get one!

Bonds of Fire by T. A. Grey

Bonds of Fire: A Bellum Sister's Novel

The beautiful covers for the Bellum Sister’s Trilogy are done by Mae I Design. After February you’ll see another new series! I hope you check it out.

Happy reading everyone,

T. A. Grey

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