Winners of Chains of Frost Book Contest

Not everyone checks my Facebook or my website, so for those of you who signed up for my free book contest, here are the winners!


Congratulations to all of the winners listed below. I used Random. org to choose the winners. This site generates a random list each time. It’s pretty neat! I’ll be sending you each an email to notify you personally. Chains of Frost is being edited right now and a cover is being designed (or will be soon) by Mae I Design. You’ll receive your copy within 2 weeks after everything is pretty and polished!

And now the winners:

1. Suan Henley
2. Kylie Sheree Scott
3. TaZauhna Grant
4. Helene Robin
5. Patricia Skaff
6. Justine Schillinger
7. Claire Walshaw
8. Tina Barron
9. Lisa Louise
10. Leann Mallow

Congrats everyone! I think you’re going to absolutely love this book. The cover and blurb and everything else is coming soon! Thank you all for participating!

6 thoughts on “Winners of Chains of Frost Book Contest

  1. Well, I think I should say congratulations too! You seem to be getting popular, my supernatural romance-writing fiendish friend. 🙂

    (By the way, if I ever see one of your books while I’m browsing in a shop, I’d probably but it because that would be pretty cool.)

    • I realise I made a spelling mistake in my comment! I said “I’d probably but it” when I meant to say “buy it”. Sorry. What would “but it” mean, anyways? o_0 On second thoughts, I don’t want to know.

  2. lol That’s okay. I automatically corrected it in my head. I make horrible mistakes all the time. I take pride in not being a grammar snob! That’s not to say I think “pour literasy iz kewl.”

  3. just wanted to say thank you. Just found you on Barnes and Noble with the Breeding Cycle read and loved it had to get all the Kategan Alphas and then all the others you have on B&N. Can’t wait to read Chains of Frost.
    Thanks again =)

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