Chains of Frost Snippet

Hey everyone,

Here is a little snippet from CoF, the first in my newest series that I’m working on. I’ve also updated my website with more book information on CoF. You can see other excerpts and snippets by checking it out, here.

He gave a clipped nod then strode towards her. Her heart kicked up again. If she plastered herself anymore thoroughly against the door, she’d carve herself into it. Whatever she thought he was going to do, it wasn’t to reach behind her and grab the door handle. His hand touched hers, which was curled tightly around the brass. She squealed, jumping at his unexpected touch. The action sent a series of events into motion.

Chloe jerked her hand away from the shocking, scalding heat of his hand. The motion dislodged the knot of her towel and sent the scrap of cloth fluttering to a pool around her naked feet. As her wide-eyes shot to his, she bent forward to try to cover her nakedness. The commander, Tyrian en Kulev’s expression was something she would never, ever forget.

The cool, indifferent blue of his eyes ran quickly over her naked body, not missing a thing. Those ice blue eyes widened a fraction, flared, and burned her with the intensity of its heat. Chloe gasped, in a mix of surprise and pleasure. Stupidly she wondered if the commander had any idea how…seductive, intoxicating, sexy, he looked right now.

The bloom of heat that unfurled from inside her couldn’t be stopped, nor could the thought of him taking her into his arms and kissing her. Do it, she pleaded silently to his downcast eyes.

He blinked and took one long step back. The spell was broken like glass shattering from a fall. He didn’t meet her eyes but pulled open the door. It was like the moment had never happened.

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