Eternal Temptation: KA 4 (update #2)

Hey everyone,

The fourth Kategan Alphas is up right now at Smashwords. It will be up at Amazon and Barnes and Noble within the next few days. Again, I’m sorry for those who have been waiting. This weekend my baby cat died.

My cat Milo - only 1 year old

I appreciate everyone’s patience! 🙂 I am getting back to work on Chains of Frost, which you can enter for a chance to win a copy right here. I hope you all enjoy the last installment to The Kategan Alphas. This was a neat and somewhat challenging book to write.

Happy reading everyone,

T. A. Grey


3 thoughts on “Eternal Temptation: KA 4 (update #2)

  1. So what happens with the baby in the kategan alpha series at the end of the 4th book she is still pregnant I would love to get a.story about the 4 couples dealing with there kids and drama

    • Wow! I’ve been surprised at the amount of people telling me they want to have another book. I guess I’ll have to do it! Which character should I use to tie everything together? Dmetri? 🙂

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