Update on Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alphas 4

For everyone who has been wondering where the heck that fourth book is…well it’s in my hands still in the editing process. I am sorry, but I’ve had to push back the date to Oct. 10-12th. The book will definitely be posted Sunday night, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble usually take about 2 days to process ebooks. If you want it quicker, then Smashwords is your best bet. It is usually up within an hour on their site.

I am sorry for the delay, I’ve just had too much going on: dying cat, flat tire, utilities almost shut off, phone shut off, etc. With all these issues recently it’s been hard to find time to edit. I am now though! I also have a helping hand who will review the draft when I am finished to hopefully catch any pesky errors that I always seem to miss.

Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alphas 4 by T. A. Grey

Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alphas 4

To try to make up for my crappy timing, I am posting a snippet from the book down below. I hope you enjoy it!

(It took me forever to find a snippet to go here. I had to find something that wouldn’t give anything away and wasn’t too sexy, GAH! Hopefully this one does neither.)

 She searched his eyes and tried to read his thoughts. His eyes were dark but with anger or was it something else? She wished she knew.

“Sorry,” she mumbled and started to scoot back to her seat. Hard, strong hands grabbed her. Her eyes shot to his and she had no choice but to move closer to him. His eyes were no longer dark, they smoldered. He didn’t stop dragging her until she was half in his big lap.

“You have no idea what you mess with,” he growled and then he slammed his mouth down on hers.

Happy reading everyone!

Look for Eternal Temptation early next week, and don’t forget to sign up for my free book contest!

T. A. Grey


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