Winners of Chains of Frost Book Contest

Not everyone checks my Facebook or my website, so for those of you who signed up for my free book contest, here are the winners!


Congratulations to all of the winners listed below. I used Random. org to choose the winners. This site generates a random list each time. It’s pretty neat! I’ll be sending you each an email to notify you personally. Chains of Frost is being edited right now and a cover is being designed (or will be soon) by Mae I Design. You’ll receive your copy within 2 weeks after everything is pretty and polished!

And now the winners:

1. Suan Henley
2. Kylie Sheree Scott
3. TaZauhna Grant
4. Helene Robin
5. Patricia Skaff
6. Justine Schillinger
7. Claire Walshaw
8. Tina Barron
9. Lisa Louise
10. Leann Mallow

Congrats everyone! I think you’re going to absolutely love this book. The cover and blurb and everything else is coming soon! Thank you all for participating!

Chains of Frost Contest

FOUR days left to sign up for your chance to win a free copy of my next novel, Chains of Frost. I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday Oct. 26th and copies will be distributed after the final edits are in!

I just broke 80,000 words today on CoF (yippee) and I’m happy to say the story will be done in the next few days. Seriously, I’ve never been this excited to release a book before. I think it rocks!

I have also been in talks with an editor and book cover designer for this next series. Seriously, check out this designer, she’s amazing!

That’s all I have to announce for now. So follow the link below and sign up for my free book contest and friend me on facebook!

P.S. If you’re a fan of the Kategan Alpha’s series drop me a line by email, here, or on Facebook and let me know if you want another book. I keep hearing a lot of requests for another book and I had planned on the 4th being the last. However if you, ask then I shall serve. (maybe!)

Happy reading everyone!

T. A. Grey


Chains of Frost Snippet

Hey everyone,

Here is a little snippet from CoF, the first in my newest series that I’m working on. I’ve also updated my website with more book information on CoF. You can see other excerpts and snippets by checking it out, here.

He gave a clipped nod then strode towards her. Her heart kicked up again. If she plastered herself anymore thoroughly against the door, she’d carve herself into it. Whatever she thought he was going to do, it wasn’t to reach behind her and grab the door handle. His hand touched hers, which was curled tightly around the brass. She squealed, jumping at his unexpected touch. The action sent a series of events into motion.

Chloe jerked her hand away from the shocking, scalding heat of his hand. The motion dislodged the knot of her towel and sent the scrap of cloth fluttering to a pool around her naked feet. As her wide-eyes shot to his, she bent forward to try to cover her nakedness. The commander, Tyrian en Kulev’s expression was something she would never, ever forget.

The cool, indifferent blue of his eyes ran quickly over her naked body, not missing a thing. Those ice blue eyes widened a fraction, flared, and burned her with the intensity of its heat. Chloe gasped, in a mix of surprise and pleasure. Stupidly she wondered if the commander had any idea how…seductive, intoxicating, sexy, he looked right now.

The bloom of heat that unfurled from inside her couldn’t be stopped, nor could the thought of him taking her into his arms and kissing her. Do it, she pleaded silently to his downcast eyes.

He blinked and took one long step back. The spell was broken like glass shattering from a fall. He didn’t meet her eyes but pulled open the door. It was like the moment had never happened.

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Be ready for it in late October/early November!

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Eternal Temptation: KA 4 (update #2)

Hey everyone,

The fourth Kategan Alphas is up right now at Smashwords. It will be up at Amazon and Barnes and Noble within the next few days. Again, I’m sorry for those who have been waiting. This weekend my baby cat died.

My cat Milo - only 1 year old

I appreciate everyone’s patience! 🙂 I am getting back to work on Chains of Frost, which you can enter for a chance to win a copy right here. I hope you all enjoy the last installment to The Kategan Alphas. This was a neat and somewhat challenging book to write.

Happy reading everyone,

T. A. Grey


Update on Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alphas 4

For everyone who has been wondering where the heck that fourth book is…well it’s in my hands still in the editing process. I am sorry, but I’ve had to push back the date to Oct. 10-12th. The book will definitely be posted Sunday night, but Amazon and Barnes and Noble usually take about 2 days to process ebooks. If you want it quicker, then Smashwords is your best bet. It is usually up within an hour on their site.

I am sorry for the delay, I’ve just had too much going on: dying cat, flat tire, utilities almost shut off, phone shut off, etc. With all these issues recently it’s been hard to find time to edit. I am now though! I also have a helping hand who will review the draft when I am finished to hopefully catch any pesky errors that I always seem to miss.

Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alphas 4 by T. A. Grey

Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alphas 4

To try to make up for my crappy timing, I am posting a snippet from the book down below. I hope you enjoy it!

(It took me forever to find a snippet to go here. I had to find something that wouldn’t give anything away and wasn’t too sexy, GAH! Hopefully this one does neither.)

 She searched his eyes and tried to read his thoughts. His eyes were dark but with anger or was it something else? She wished she knew.

“Sorry,” she mumbled and started to scoot back to her seat. Hard, strong hands grabbed her. Her eyes shot to his and she had no choice but to move closer to him. His eyes were no longer dark, they smoldered. He didn’t stop dragging her until she was half in his big lap.

“You have no idea what you mess with,” he growled and then he slammed his mouth down on hers.

Happy reading everyone!

Look for Eternal Temptation early next week, and don’t forget to sign up for my free book contest!

T. A. Grey


Further Creating Tension in Your Story

A couple of days I wrote an article on Creating Tension in a story:

I created a very short numbered list on things you can do to create Tension (yes, I’m using a Captial T). Now I wish to extend that list with more things you can do to create Tension. If you have not already read the previous article, I highly suggest that you do (it’s good really). I talk about Dexter and the LoTR. What’s not great about that? On to creating tension!

On our previous list we had:

  1. Everything that can go wrong, should.
  2. Every scene should feature: a char’s PoV, that char’s goal, and an antagonist. 
Okay maybe number doesn’t exactly create tension, but if you read the example below it on my previous article, then you’d know that the antagonist in each scene creates tension with the PoV character.
       3. Show the character doing the opposite of what they’d normally do.
Not only does this make things interesting, but it creates tension for the reader. This can be as simple as making the reader frustrated or sympathetic towards the character. How does sympathy create tension? Oh, it does! Think Boromir in LoTR (the movie) when he fights the orcs, sacrificing himself, to save the hobbits. This is a huge, powerful scene and it was unexpected from the audience’s point of view. A character whom we could all just see as easily stealing the ring for himself, paid the ultimate sacrifice–thus sympathy. So tension can come in different forms. Think about the tension in that scene, compared to the tension of Michael Meyers cutting his way into the closet where Jamie Lee Curtis is crying inside. Both have a lot of tension!
Creating Tension in a Story
Jamie Lee Curtis fights off Michael Myers
How do you show your character doing the opposite of what they normally do? Make a list of their key personality traits. I’m going to make a list up for the pretend character Joe I made up in the previous article.
-Joe is very shy, procrastinator, reacts great under stress, good citizen, passive-
Now, let’s say I was writing a short story based off Joe’s scenario from last time. He needs to get aspirin to his father who’s having a heart attack. The only place he can get it from is the only gas station open late at night. He can’t find the aspirin. There are a lot of people in line. He can’t pay without cash, which he doesn’t have. The ATM is down, so he steals the aspirin and the cashier calls the cops. Now he’s being chased by a cop on the way home to save his dad. There’s our scenario and each little scene has tension in it.
We know that Joe is shy, a procrastinator, reacts great under stress, a good citizen, and passive in personality. However, let’s see Joe doing the opposite of what how he usually does.
  • Shy = now he must speak to the people in line ahead of him and try to talk them into letting him go first. Because he’s normally so shy, he comes off as a little crazy sounding in his panic. He’s awkward and weird. (this creates tension because he can’t get what he wants)
  • Procrastinator = normally a slow-goer, Joe has to rush around town to find a place open at night because of the emergency. (this creates tension because the audience knows Joe is a slow-goer and now is forced to rush, and later we see he doesn’t do so well in the gas station at being rushed)
  • Reacts well to stress = Show Joe not reacting well. So we see him panicking in the store, flying through the aisles knowing every seconds that ticks by, ticks away his father’s life. Instead of reacting well to the people not letting him butt ahead in line, he gets mad and angry and yells at them.
  • Good citizen = Joe is a good guy. He’s simple, too. But without cash and the gas station not taking credit, he’s now forced to do something he’d never do–steal. Now he’s a moral/ethical dilemma but decides he must do what is necessary and runs out of the store with the stolen aspirin. He’d also normally never speed. However now he guns the engine for home, disobeying every speed sign and stop sign.
  • Passive = At this point we’ve basically already shown him being everything but passive, which is good. So let’s show passive Joe, being aggressive towards those in line, while driving, and maybe even to the cop now trying to pull him over.
Taking a character with their normal personality traits and switching them makes things so much more interesting! Don’t we all want to see what one thing softens the bad guy? (puppies is my bet). If you’re writing a story, think about all of your primary and secondary characters and make a list of their primary traits. Here is an example of the heroine from my newest novel:
  1. Always in control
  2. Bad tempered
  3. Dominating
  4. Poor sense of humor
  5. Aggressive
Now it’s my job in this book to establish that she is indeed all of the 5 pretty negative things. Then when I show her:
  1. Losing control
  2. Being sweet
  3. Being dominated
  4. Making a joke
  5. Submitting
the reader will find it engrossing, unexpected (maybe even shocking and fun), and most of all it creates some tension. Maybe the heroine does not want to be sweet, but maybe she is forced to be so. Now she is frustrated and the reader gets to watch with a grin on his/her face at her discomfort. We are all a little bit evil inside.
That’s enough of that. Pop on over to Facebook and friend me, because I like friends and don’t forget I have a contest going on right now! Win a free book!
Happy reading,
T. A. Grey

Win a Free Copy of Chains of Frost

A sneak peek at CHAINS OF FROST: (copyright T. A. Grey, 2011)

Win a free copy of Chains of Frost by T. A. Grey

Win a free copy of Chains of Frost by T. A. Grey

She stood on shaky legs and tried hard and fast to remember what had happened. Cemetery, spell casting, demonic zombie roaring her name, then to bed. Typical night, really. She gasped as she recalled the not typical. Two men interrupting her sleep and knocking her out with something that pinched her neck.

Spinning around, she caught sight of a man looking out a massive arched window. Shoot, that wasn’t a man. As silently as she could, she kept her eyes on him and backed up. Don’t hear me.

The man was huge, though not in a steroid-taking, pumping iron way. He was tall and his shoulders filled that wide-open window that really needed bars or something over it to keep people from, oh, falling to their death. His back and lean hips caught her attention next. He wore a black long-sleeved shirt and matching pants yet the simple ensemble made him look dangerous in an “I’m completely normal” way. Even his hair was dark and strange looking. Long and pulled back in a severe tie at the back of his head.

Three more, silent steps backwards on the freezing cold floor beneath her bare feet. “Surely you at least wish to know who I am before you leave.” She jumped at the sound of his voice and tripped over a table behind her.

She tumbled to the ground, her butt skidding on the cold stone floor. Quickly disentangling herself, she stood, clutching the towel tighter around her. His voice… It was cold and hard. It held a tone to it that could mistakenly be construed as passive or bored but she was sure was just indifference. Was this what a killer sounded like? He could talk to you in that detached voice as he swung the sword that would take your head.

She thought briefly about righting the table she knocked over but decided edging towards the huge double-sided door was the smarter idea. Escape. She took another silent step towards those doors.

He turned towards her and her feet stopped moving. It was the complete opposite of what she should be doing, yet she couldn’t will her body to move anymore than she could tear her eyes away from him.

She knew instantly who he was.

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Happy reading everyone!

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