My Erotica Website is Ready!

I am excited to say that my website is finally finished and up and running. is now where I will be officially operating from. Worry not if you follow this blog because I will still be posting here; however, I will be focusing this blog on useful info for writers/readers and such. Like on how I made my awesome banner for my website or found those neat icons or made my website. All those kinds of awesome things. has so much awesome stuff! You can find a much more organized (did I mention awesome?) and easy-to-read layout for finding my books, new releases, info, news, info about me, and a lot more. I really hope you come by and check it out. If it’s something you like then sign up for my email subscription where I will be posting information, quotes, pics, and more fun stuff on the newest book(s) I’m working on.

Seriously it took me at least a month to make this site, and I’m incredibly proud of it. (I think it looks great and functions very well).

NOTE: If you find any broken links or images that I missed then please send me an email at t(dot)a(dot)grey(at)live(dot)com and let me know! Or just comment on it here so I can fix it right away.

Let me know what you think of the new website! 🙂

Happy reading,

T. A. Grey

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