Evernight Romance Anthology coming in September!

I learned today that the Evernight Anthology published by XoXo Publishing will be available this month. It will be an ebook, but I can’t tell you yet how much it will be. If we get enough sales then the book will go into print (*crosses fingers*). The estimated date for release is either September the 15th or the 25th.

My short story, The Vampire’s Mate, is featured in the anthology. Here is some more delicious information from the Evernight Anthology:

Evernight Anthology

As children, we feared the boogeyman. Our parents comforted us when the monster under the bed or in the dark depths of our slightly opened closet threatened our safety. We cried when those evil creatures invaded our nightmares and stole us from peaceful sleep, but what if those monsters truly existed? What if they lived in a world not unlike our own, where all they wanted was the same basic needs that every human being spends their lives searching for? What if the things that go bump in the night only wanted to be loved?
In the following stories, you will read about vampires and werewolves and demons and monsters of all kinds overcoming some of the most difficult hurdles simply to find their one true love, to find their happiness. You’ll read of heated, salacious trysts beneath the moonlight and of lovers doomed before they even have a chance to find the one person who completes their soul.
Join us as we wander through a dark world where nothing is what it seems, where rainbows after a storm are a rare miracle, where the boogeyman captures your heart and fulfils your sweetest dreams.
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P.S. Am I the only one who has trouble “adding space” between paragraphs. I’m having to get crafty with block quotes and other things just to add space. We need a leading option here, people!
~T. A. Grey

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