A look at Wicked Surrender: The Kategan Alphas 3

“God dammit, will you say something already?” Wow, smooth move Jacks. She glared at him, but whatever. It was basically her fault anyways. “Well?” he prompted, when she remained quiet.

“I didn’t have anything to talk about before, and I still don’t. Unless that is you want to talk about how much of a jerk you are.”

Jacks didn’t even try to hide it, he grinned big. Why the thought of pissing her off made him happy, he didn’t know, but that must be a very bad sign. “Why am I jerk?”

She looked at him, astonished. “Seriously? ‘God dammit, blah blah blah blah.’ You don’t remember just saying that to me. It was a borderline growl and shout, by the way.”


He turned to look out the window so she wouldn’t see the laugh he was fighting. If only she wasn’t her then maybe he could stand her. But all it took was one look at her fancy dress, shiny shoes, and sparkling jewelry to know she was so not for him. He needed a woman who could comfortably eat at a burger shack, not five-star dining. Shit, she was a lykaen too. She’d probably eat five filet mignons and clean him out of the bank in a week.

Jackson "Jacks" Marsh

I am so excited about this book! Look for it to be ready around Sept. 16!

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