The Kategan Alphas 3: A sneak peek

Well, aren’t you a dirty birdy for wanting a sneak peek at my new story. Bad, bad! Now on to serious business, below is my unedited (which means you can’t yell at me if there are errors, which I’m sure there are) first chapter of The Kategan Alphas 3, briefly titled Wicked Surrender. Notice that this material is all mine and subject to change for the final copy.

The atmosphere at the Kategan’s house was happy and bustling with excitement, and Vera wanted nothing more than to be back at home alone.

Vane grilled meat and vegetables on the outside grill while his pregnant mate Sarina sat nearby chatting with her best friend Alison. Rome, the youngest of the brothers, sipped a beer and talked over the grill to his brother.

The scene was nice, almost perfect, but Vera Kategan felt a grueling pain in her stomach. It wasn’t from any physical pain though but something far deeper and emotional. Something she didn’t want to think about.

Two of her three brothers were mated and disgustingly happy, but she wasn’t happy too. Happy for them, yes. She could honestly say that. While she was concerned for her older brother Darien, she knew better than to be overly concerned. If there was any man who could take care of himself, even in the more dire of situations, it was Darien. He wasn’t just a rock, but a solid boulder of stability. His stomach probably wouldn’t get sick at the sight of Sarina’s rounded belly.

It was petty and stupid, she was petty. Why she couldn’t just be happy and content with her life was the agonizing question that had been driving her lonely nights. But now that was all going to change.

Vera shimmied her way into a lawn chair and crossed one leg over the other. “Big bro, we need to chat business.” All conversation stymmied to a stop. It was hard, but she barely managed to maintain her aloof smile and wide eyes. Vane flipped the burgers over before answering.

“What business is that?”

“The treaty with the vampire clan is coming up soon, as you well know. With Sarina pregnant, I think it’d be a smart choice to send me so you can stay here with her.” If she’d thought the atmosphere grew stilled before she was wrong. It was absolutely suffocating now, and all those unnerving eyes were on her.

“Actually, I was just going to take Sarina with me to take care of pack business.” Vera shot a quick glance at Sarina and her very big belly as if for confirmation that his mate was indeed very pregnant. Even Rome had the decency to wince.

“Wait, wait. Are you telling me, Master Alpha, that you’re willing, and happy, to take your near to bursting pregnant mate into possible enemy territory.” Her brothers vicious growl was accompanied by the spatula in his hand snapping in half.

Vera shrugged and leaned back in her seat. “I prove my point. You can’t go. You’ll be beating every vamp’s face that even looks in her direction let alone raises a voice during the negotiations.” Sarina was nodding and smiling at her. At least she had one person on her side, she at least didn’t look like she enjoyed the idea of going either.

“She’s right Vane. Maybe you should let her go. Just send Darien with her,” Rome said and took a sip of his brew.

Vane’s shoulders stiffened hard. He was practically growling when he answered, “I can’t send Darien with her. He’s gone journeying. Why don’t you go with her, Roman?”
Everyone started speaking at once. Vera’s half-shout was the only one to get through it all.

“What the hell do you mean, he’s gone on journeying. You’ve got to be kidding me. I just saw him back at Rome and Alison’s mating ceremony. He looked fine.”

Vane’s lips pressed flat. “Yeah, well apparently he’s not fine. And he needs time to himself. He told me he was leaving two weeks ago.”

“Jesus Christ,” Rome cursed, “he’s been gone that long and you haven’t even told us?” Alison stood and rushed to her mate to wrap her body around his. The tension in his body seemed to relax instantly. Vera felt that hard pain in her gut again. Not again.

“He told me not to say anything if I didn’t have to. So I didn’t. I respected his wishes, now get over it. All of you. Lumara, do you need anything?” It was shocking how soft and sweet his voice got when he spoke to his mate. Her cheeks were high with color when she shook her head no at him.

The crunch of footsteps on gravel brought all conversation to a halt. Vera didn’t think this could get any harder, but at the sight of Jackson Marsh, she knew there was no hope of turning tonight into a good one.

“What the fuck is he doing here?” The dark threat coming from Rome was true enough that Vera went to stand between her brother and the Jackson. Though why she should even give a shit, she wasn’t sure. It was only because she didn’t want the cops here, that’s all.

She watched Jackson’s square jaw clench so hard she was surprised it didn’t snap. “I was invited.” Rome couldn’t hide his surprised reaction. “By who?”

I hope you enjoyed this. There is much more to come! 🙂

T. A. Grey

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