A new anthology (Evernight)

I am excited to announce that my story The Vampire’s Mate was accepted by XoXo Publishing to be in their new anthology: Evernight. In fact, they are still accepting submissions until Aug.10th. Please follow this link if you’re interested in submitting. Allison Cassatta is a fantastic writer and is in charge of submissions for this work.

Evernight Anthology

Evernight Anthology Book Cover

That also means that The Vampire’s Mate will no longer be for sale on Amazon, BN, or Smashwords!

In other good news, the first book in The Kategan Alphas series, Breeding Cycle, may be getting its first review. If it does get chosen, then cross your fingers, I really hope it gets a good score!

Last but not least, if you haven’t checked out my latest book, Dark Awakening: The Kategan Alphas 2, then be sure to do so! Alison and Rome burn up the pages in this book! The third book is already on the way, in fact, I’ll be posting a sneak peek here shortly!

Dark Awakening: The Kategan Alphas 2

Dark Awakening: The Kategan Alphas 2

If you haven’t friended me on Facebook, then you should! Find me at T.A. Grey. Happy reading everyone!

T. A. Grey

3 thoughts on “A new anthology (Evernight)

  1. Wow, it looks like you’re doing very good in your literary career. I’m impressed. Perhaps someday I can get my book published too.

  2. I believe you could absolutely get published, and I say this based on the writing I’ve seen from you. Thank you so much for your comment, I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling all day.

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