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My website is nearly ready everyone, woohoo!

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A look at Wicked Surrender: The Kategan Alphas 3

“God dammit, will you say something already?” Wow, smooth move Jacks. She glared at him, but whatever. It was basically her fault anyways. “Well?” he prompted, when she remained quiet.

“I didn’t have anything to talk about before, and I still don’t. Unless that is you want to talk about how much of a jerk you are.”

Jacks didn’t even try to hide it, he grinned big. Why the thought of pissing her off made him happy, he didn’t know, but that must be a very bad sign. “Why am I jerk?”

She looked at him, astonished. “Seriously? ‘God dammit, blah blah blah blah.’ You don’t remember just saying that to me. It was a borderline growl and shout, by the way.”


He turned to look out the window so she wouldn’t see the laugh he was fighting. If only she wasn’t her then maybe he could stand her. But all it took was one look at her fancy dress, shiny shoes, and sparkling jewelry to know she was so not for him. He needed a woman who could comfortably eat at a burger shack, not five-star dining. Shit, she was a lykaen too. She’d probably eat five filet mignons and clean him out of the bank in a week.

Jackson "Jacks" Marsh

I am so excited about this book! Look for it to be ready around Sept. 16!

Breeding Cycle is now on sale!

My birthday was yesterday and so I’ve been trying to decide what to do about it. I have since decided to put the first book in the Kategan Alphas Series on sale through Smashwords. Simply follow the link and when you go to purchase it, enter this coupon code for 10% off: JK52K 

This offer will expire September 1. I would put it for sale on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble but I can’t really do that. So, if you decide to check it out then great, drop me a line!

Breeding Cycle

Breeding Cycle: The Kategan Alphas 1

More news on Kategan Alphas 3

I am so excited to announce that the third Kategan Alphas book will book will be finished in about two days. I have increased the amount I’m writing everyday, so I’m actually about two weeks ahead of schedule. Awesome, huh? 🙂 I do it for you!

This will put the estimated publication date at around Sept. 16-19. This also means Darien’s much awaited story will be next. *grins and rubs hands together evilly*

So keep the date open for Sept. 16-18 for Wicked Surrender: the Kategan Alphas 3, Vera and Jackson’s story.

Also my website is almost ready! I have a few more pages, some debugging, and then it’ll be up and running.

An honest look at money

Today I found this fantastic Q & A done with bestselling erotic romance author Maya Banks. In this interview she discusses, very openly, how much money she makes in print and digital publishing; how much she’s made over the years; and other very useful information.

This may be something you should check out if you’re a writer! The article is called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Publishing But Were Afraid to Ask” and you can find it right here.

Midnight Sex Shop – Erotic romance

My newest story, Midnight Sex Shop, will be available for sale in the next few days. This story is a little different than some of my others in that it explores deeper sexual intimacies like a f/f/m menage, m/m/f menage, and all kinds of naughty voyeur activities. Be prepared to experience some incredibly sexy encounters. Oh, did I mention there is a dark subplot, which turns into a bit of a bloody affair.

Take a look at: The Midnight Sex Shop.

Midnight Sex Shop

Midnight Sex Shop - Book Cover

Sigh, I wish I had a photoshopped ass like that. *Cough* What I mean to say is here’s the book’s blurb.

A sinister rumor has sent Detective Lina Blackmoore into the infamous sex club—The Midnight Sex Shop. The club whose motto Your darkest desire is our only pleasure is under tight scrutiny when an anonymous call is made to Lina’s precinct alleging that the Midnight Sex Shop is selling child pornography. Lina discovers that the club is owned by the dark and handsome, Cade Vanderoth, who will only work with Lina for a price…her body.

Lina quickly learns that Cade Vanderoth is a sexual dream, a man who unravels her every sexual fantasy as if he could see straight into her. Lina succumbs to him, and in his arms, experiences her deepest, rawest of sexual fantasies.

While passions bloom and love is realized, a dark presence lingers in the Midnight Sex Shop. As Lina struggles to solve the case, she begins to lose the battle over love. But can Lina learn to trust and can Cade overcome his inability to commit? Can these two hearts learn to mesh or will they falter and risk losing the greatest thing in life—love.

Coming soon to the internet near you! Find it now at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

A Few Thoughts on Writer’s Block

Many people struggle with writer’s block. Now, before I talk about the techniques I use to help with this, I must explain something–I’m not sure if I’ve ever had writer’s block, but I have had something I like to refer to as “writer’s lag.”

Writer's block for cows

It happens to the best of us--even cows.

I always try to just keep writing. If lag too much then before I know it I’ve spent 2 days “thinking” about a scene and haven’t done any writing–very bad.

So what is writer’s lag? For me, writer’s lag is when I start to falter too much over writing sentences, word choice, and when my novel starts to feel dull (and not because of the content). This also means when I am really struggling to write and each word feels like I’m pulling hair out of my head one piece at a time.  I’ve discovered things to do when I start to experience this, and I’ve found that (for me, anyways) this works. If you’re experiencing some of the same problems in your story, then maybe try this out and let me know if it works.

  1. Write out a brief outline of the next 5-10 scenes (especially good for building towards your Act II Climax or Act III Climax). Even if you don’t stick completely or at all to the outline when you do go back to writing, then at least this project will get you thinking about your characters and your story in a different, progressive way.
  2. Leave your computer and go do something! I get some of my freshest ideas while working out, walking, doing dishes, or just cleaning the apartment. And I’ve heard I’m not the only one, so try it out! I find that the mindlessness of the task I’m doing really allows for my creative thoughts to pump iron.
  3. Go read something! The newspaper or anything on Reddit doesn’t count either. Go read some fiction that isn’t in your genre or category. This should actually be my number one item on the list, because this is one I love to do and it works really well. When I start to struggle with ideas, or how the hell am I going to get my character out of this mess, I eventually have to step away from my computer. However, if I try to force myself into figuring it out then it never happens. So, I’ve found that what works for me is to go read something, and all the while in the background my mind is mad at work figuring out that conflict. Also, I won’t read anything like what I’m writing (for some reason that doesn’t seem to work–maybe it’s a mental thing). This means that if I’m writing paranormal erotica, then I’ll go pick up a historical romance, a fantasy, or a horror story. You might even be surprised how mixing those thoughts up can give you some great ideas…just wait until you hear about my new series idea. It’s going to be brilliant!
I find that after employing any of these 3 techniques, my writing feels fresh and flowing once again. The words will pop from the tips of my fingers and my characters are energized, alive, and most importantly, ready to tell me their damn story.
Writer's Block

One way to defeat writer's block