T. A. Grey’s New Website Coming…eventually

Woohoo, I just released a vampire short story (The Vampire’s Mate), I am currently editing the second book in The Kategan Alphas

Rome Kategan

Ladies and Gentlemen meet Rome Kategan.

series, and now I’m building a website.

The good news? I’ve done this before, several times in fact (thank you college technical training). Don’t expect anything spectacular though! I don’t know JAVA or Flash, but I know HTML and CSS. I have already purchased my domain and hosting through GoDaddy. So if you’d like to check out my soon-to-be, currently empty website then here you go: http://www.tagrey.com/.

The second batch of good news is that the domain I wanted (tagrey.com) was available! Makes me want to say Yippeekiyaymotherfucker.

More news and side-notes: I am going to write a paranormal romance series soon. When the right time comes along, I’m going to go find an agent and try to get into print. I will still write erotic romance on the side (because I love it; gotta get down and dirty sometimes), but I have a great, high-stakes, tension-filled story brewing in my head.

Lastly (I swear) because I haven’t posted any eye candy in a while, here is the image that will be on the cover of Dark Awakening: The Kategan Alphas 2. Did you just get goosebumps reading that? Probably not, but I did.

Tell me if it’s just me, but it’s not even the body that I like about the picture so much as the wild hair and mouth. Yummy. 

Happy reading!

~T. A. Grey

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