Ecstasy Overload


My next futuristic, erotica short story is coming very soon to Amazon and Look for it around June 24-25 for only $.99. Want a taste of it? Check out the blurb and cover art below. The cover image is by Stryjek/ The design is mine. I’m hoping to post the book trailer for my Kategan Alphas series sometime this week, so check back for it.

Ecstasy Overload

Ecstasy Overload

Ecstasy Overload Book Cover

The deadliest soldier is on a mission to bring back one woman. A woman he shouldn’t touch, but can’t resist. Terrence Jharvic is trained in a thousand ways to kill a person. But nothing has prepared him for Lace Regan. Her body sets him on fire, and her fiery attitude has him craving more.

But everything goes to hell when Terrence learns that the mission to capture Lace has been a lie orchestrated by a higher up in the military. Now Terrence must choose whether to save her or become a traitor to his country.

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