Breeding Cycle Release Date

Breeding Cycle

Breeding Cycle's book cover.

Good morning,

This has been one of those mornings for me, where my eyes hurt and the caffeine isn’t kicking in nearly fast enough. I hope yours is better. On to work stuff.

I have just finished making the design for my new series The Kategan Alphas. Check out the excerpt for it here. Do you like the cover? I know it makes me drool a little. The tentative release date for Breeding Cycle: The Kategan Alphas (Book 1) is June 30, 2011. However, I hope to have the last revisions complete even sooner.

Pass the word along to your friends. I could use your help trying to get the word out there.

Stay tuned for Breeding Cycle’s catchy blurb (coming soon). And don’t miss out on my new short story’s book cover being posted today! I hope you like futuristic erotica, I know I do.

I’m dying to know if you like the cover as much as I do. The image is by Phillyphotog at and the rest of it is all mine. Let me know!

Happy reading,

~T. A. Grey

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