Sex, sex, and more sex

A picture to make you want sex.

A picture to make you want sex. Src:

I love sex. I love to write about sex. And aside from a love of pizza, tacos, and salads (had to throw in a healthy one there), I really love finishing a story. My first book in The Kategan Alphas series is now through the first draft of edits and revisions. Woohoo! If you haven’t seen the hot excerpt for it, check it out. Now I just need to have my handy reading companions read it and give me their thoughts before it’ll be available for purchase.

In other news, my first futuristic novella, Capturing Jeron is now on sale for only $.99! So if you haven’t picked up a copy, stop by Amazon or Barnesandnoble to get your copy. I will also be releasing another futuristic short story soon, and boy is it hot. I also have a contemporary military novella that should be coming up some time in the next month or so. This book’s so hot it makes me squirm in my seat just writing it–no joke.

Check back often, I’ll have the book covers and book trailers posted here as soon as I can.


Happy reading everyone,


~T.A. Grey


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