The Kategan Alphas: Book #2

Alpha from my work in progress

I have finished the first book in my lykaen (werewolf) series, The Kategan Alphas. I am letting the beast rest for a few weeks before I tackle the editing process. In the meantime, I am writing away at the sequel. I am so excited about this story. As with the first story, I love the characters and the intriguing conflict and plot points. I am currently at 10k words and I’m expecting this story to be around 35k.

Rome Kategan and the missish Alison Bennson steam up the pages in this page-turning sequel. I can’t wait to finish it, stay tuned for more info. Check out this hot picture (on the left). This piece of eye candy is my inspiration for Rome Kategan. All he needs is longer hair and to become a werewolf and a complete rascal to fit the profile perfectly.

If you have missed the excerpt I posted from the first book, you can find it here. Beware it is sexually explicit and for mature audiences only, meaning 18 or older!

I’ll post new information as it comes. My first book, Capturing Jeron, is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Thank you to all who have read it!

Happy reading,

~T.A. Grey