Excerpt from Breeding Cycle


My newest work in progress, tentatively titled Breeding Cycle, is a contemporary, werewolf-based erotic romance. I’m so excited about this piece, and I can’t wait until it’s finished. I’m roughly 40% finished with the first draft of Breeding Cycle.

Warning: The following content, and most of the material on this site, is meant for a mature audience of 18+. If you are not 18 years or older, then please leave this website!

A little information

This is a work in progress, which means I have not edited the material yet, nor will this necessarily be the final material I use in the book. Basically, the material is subject to change; also, all of this written material is mine! I hope to be giving away more free erotic stories soon, but for now, enjoy this first chapter of Breeding Cycle.


Chapter 1 

Sarina opened her mouth wide to take in the guard’s cock. Moaning over the taste that could only ever be cock, she bobbed her head up and down the hard length. Jackson closed his eyes in pleasure, his head falling back. Her lips pressed tightly around the velvety yet stiff flesh and tongued a hot path along it. Jackson balanced himself with curling fingers in her shoulder and a fist in her hair.

Strong, chafed hands grabbed her naked hips, squeezing in promise. Sarina grew wet at what was to come. Her favorite part. As the hard cock in her mouth rocked, she felt the familiar hard nudge against her creamy pussy. Moaning she pushed her ass further up into the air, begging.

“Damn, Sarina baby. You’re so fucking hot,” said a deep, gruff voice from behind her. Jacob, another of her personal guard, had special talents, one of which he was about to put to use. Those strong hands left her hips to splay over her breasts. Sure fingers tugged and rubbed the fleshly globes, until she squirmed against the cock that rested against her pussy.

Jackson made sure she didn’t forget her job by slamming his cock home in the hot heat of her mouth. She suctioned her mouth, pulling hard on the skin of his cock. His fist tugged her hair in response…or warning. She didn’t know which.

Finally, Jacob fit himself to her and pushed in, filling her full of hot cock. He didn’t waste any time, he knew what he wanted—what she wanted—and pounded his raging cock into the tight channel of her pussy.

Sarina lost herself in delight. Salty precum leaked over her tongue, making her suck harder. Jackson took over the thrusts by capturing her head in his hands. Grunting, he thrust his powerful cock into the sizzling heat of her mouth with unabashed pleasure.

Her pussy constricted with the onslaught of her orgasm. Jacob growled, and in response hammered into her with hard, fast thrusts that tingled her flesh. Heat swarmed over her body, drawing her skin tight as a bowstring. Any second now and she would explode.

Sarina keened high in pleasure when Jacob gave her what she loved. He hammered into her with unrelenting, fast thrusts while keeping her captured with strong hands on her hips. She could go nowhere. She had to just open her mouth, her legs and take what they were giving her.

She did so, wantonly. Moaning over the cock in her mouth, in her pussy, both of which felt as though they grew thicker and longer as come pooled heavily in his is balls. Her orgasm came fiercely.

“I’m gonna nut in your mouth, baby,” Jackson said hoarsely as he rocked his hips and fed her his cock.

Hips rocking wildly, grunts sounding above and behind her. Sarina listened and took, feeling wonderfully naughty when Jackson leaned forward to meet the firm lips of Jacob. They fucked her as their own tongues met and played wetly.

Jackson groaned from deep in his throat and suckled Jacob’s thick tongue. Then, Sarina tasted the first jet spray of delicious hot come in her mouth. She moaned at the taste; her pussy quivered and wept in pleasure as wave after wave of come drenched her tongue and throat.

Her pussy clenched on Jackson’s cock, ceasing his movements—making both of them come. Sarina exploded into a thousand pieces. Her pussy tightened, her thighs quivered from the pressure, and a bright flush broke out over her body. Jackson pushed roughly against the tight constrictions of her pussy, kissing Jacob harder. He only lasted three more thrusts before he shot his load of come deep into her pussy.

Sarina whimpered at the come filling her. Jacob slowly removed his soft cock from her mouth; she sucked the flesh back in once more making him shudder. He rubbed the slotted tip of his soft cock over her smooth lips. His movement elicited a groan from Jackson who watched raptly.

Collapsing back against the bed, Sarina watched as her guardsmen embraced each other. She loved watching them together. Jackson and Jacob were mated, and they understood her situation. They broke away at the same time before coming down to her with gorgeous, happy smiles across their faces. They nuzzled her throat, kissed her cheeks, her face. She would never be with them permanently, but she was satisfied with the pleasure they gave her for now.

“Thank you both. It couldn’t have been better,” she said into the strong shoulder of Jackson.

“We certainly don’t mind, Mistress Sarina,” Jacob said, grinning as he ran a hand over the curve of her ass. “But we must go now. Back to our post before your father is back.” They stood and put their clothes back on, strapping their weapons on last.

Smiling bitterly, Sarina thanked them again. The door shut quietly, but sounded like a bang to her. She cringed and shrank into the covers. She heard the commotion from downstairs and knew her father was home.

“Fuck,” she said. Getting out of bed, she ran around the room grabbing pieces of clothes and putting them on as she went. Completely dressed and out of breath, she went to her dresser to douse herself in perfume. The strong, thick scent would help to disguise the males that she’d just been with.

Three hard knocks sounded at her door. Ensuring that her suit was straight and perfect, she lifted her chin and answered calmly. “Enter.”

Her father opened the door. His tall frame nearly touched the top of the doorframe. His sky blue eyes were flat with what she assumed was either anger or rage. Her father was an Alpha and the lead councilman for all lykaens. She hadn’t seen him smile since her mother was alive, and that was over twelve years ago. It pained her to see him like this, but she understood it. To lose your mate, your one true partner…well, it was no wonder she hadn’t seen him smile in so long.

Coming into the room, he looked around, and then sniffed the air. Big hands tightened into fists, and his expression grew angrier. “You do understand how dangerous it is for you to take males so close to the breeding cycle, don’t you?” Eyes widening, she clasped her hands together. She did know. Having the breeding cycle so close is what drove her to beg the mated couple to take her—at once.

She nodded, but he continued as if her answer didn’t matter. “This is your twentieth year, Sarina. Your breeding cycle is rapidly approaching. It is then and only then, that you are fertile,” he stalked to her with angry strides. “You are a female of status. You can’t just take any male, Sarina. You were stupid.” He ran a hand through his long hair and took a deep, long breath. “Need I remind you of your status? Of your importance to the lykaen race?” Averting his angry gaze, she stared down at the dark wood floors. A blush stole over her face, betraying her shame.

At the sight, his voice softened and his features gentled. “For your safety, I’m sending you to a remote location during your cycle. You will have no personal guard. We can’t risk a pregnancy by a guardsman. Right?” he said, his eyes seeing straight into her. She nodded.

“Of course. I’m sorry father,” she said.

“You weren’t wrong, Sarina. I’m sorry I sounded so angry before,” he sighed again, as if a great weight weighed upon him. “We are of the Haute Monde, and it is our duty to—

To ensure the exceptional health and breeding of the Lykaen species, she finished the lecture in her head.

“To ensure the exceptional health and breeding of the Lykaen species. Pack everything you will need for a week. You will be entirely alone. I can’t chance leaving the guards with you. Until we can find the right mate for you this is how it has to be. The sooner the best,” he said with a grimace. “Or else we will be in this same situation every six months for the rest of your life.” He cringed at the idea.

“A week alone will actually be much appreciated father. I can use the time to finish up those books that have been stacking up,” she said pointing at her teetering stack of novels.

Her father gave the closest thing to a smile she’s seen all these years. In a sudden movement, he grabbed her, hugging her tightly. Sarina had to fight to not let the tears show.

“Be ready in an hour. Your ride will be waiting.”

Waiting until after the door closed behind him, Sarina collapsed into a chair. She covered her face with her hands, rocking herself, until she coached the tears away. She refused to cry over her father, over her responsibilities. Shaking off the unhappiness, she forced a cool smile and packed her belongings.

I hope you enjoyed this little snippet. I know I can’t wait to finish it! Let me know if you like it as much as I do.

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~T.A. Grey

Capturing Jeron

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Welcome to my world of erotic fiction!

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